4 Reasons people are leaving Florida

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Florida is a lovely place. There are so many reasons to move there and enjoy it. However, a lot of people are leaving Florida to move somewhere else. What’s interesting is that a lot of people love the weather in Florida and a lot of people hate it. So, the same reasons people are leaving Florida are the reasons a lot of people are coming to Florida. Unfortunately, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies in the Sunny State. Some serious problems have emerged in the last few decades and it is causing a significant number of people to relocate to nearby states or sometimes even different countries.

Here are a few reasons people are leaving Florida that will help you get a better picture of the situation. You should learn about potential problems people are facing while living there.

There are actual reasons people are leaving Florida

Despite the lovely weather and sunny beaches, there are some serious reasons to book a relocation with Florida movers and move somewhere else. One of the reasons is the weather we just mentioned. Of course, it’s not the sunny days that make people uncomfortable living in Florida. The reason is totally different.

What you probably don’t know is that warm weather in Florida gets easily very humid, and once it’s humid it quickly becomes a strong and destructive hurricane. Yes, you read it well. Hurricanes are a really big issue people living in Florida have to face every year or every few years. They are also one of the reasons people are leaving Florida and moving to states with a more timid climate.

Some of the older people who have breathing problems try to move to places with fresh air, which isn’t something Florida can provide. It’s a swamp area so it’s quite the opposite. So, while it’s a nice place for a vacation, it’s not a place that will provide you with a healthy lifestyle. Try to avoid it if you are looking for a good place to lead a nice and peaceful life. Florida’s humidity is among the top reasons people are leaving Florida and moving to some nicer places where their lungs can actually heal.

A big crocodile has opened its jaws.
Crocodiles and other large animals are one of the main reasons people are leaving Florida.

Small and big animals are another reason

While most people love animals, it’s usually pets we are talking about. Everyone loves cats and dogs or some kind of small bird. However, who likes to see a crocodile in their pool in the morning? Or a big snake in their front yard? It’s true. It often happens that crocodiles love resting in people’s pools to avoid the heat of the day. They sneak in and enjoy but also stay pretty invisible. That makes it dangerous since no one would like to be around a big crocodile unless they are forced to.

Snakes can be really dangerous. While not all of them are poisonous, they can strangle their prey and it’s not a nice scene. Unlike crocodiles, snakes can easily sneak into the house and that makes them pretty dangerous as well. So, if you hate reptiles, try to steer away from Florida.

Cockroaches are also a big problem. Apparently, when it comes to wild animals, cockroaches are one of the main reasons people are leaving Florida. Apparently, they love the humidity and they enjoy being inside houses. It’s almost impossible to get rid of them and it’s even harder to kill them all since they are always pretty numerous.

So, if you hate big prehistoric predators and pests, call the best cross country movers Florida has to offer and book a relocation.

Picture of a town after a hurricane.
Hurricanes are a really big problem in Florida and it will be a big inconvenience for you as well.

Tourists can be found everywhere

One of the most annoying things about living in Florida and among the main reasons people are leaving Florida and moving from Florida to California are the tourists. They are literally everywhere. That’s not really surprising because Florida is a place literally made for tourists. However, that makes it harder for the natives to function normally. You can’t go about your day running errands without encountering hundreds of tourists. That means they are taking up space in waiting lines in the bank or in the grocery store, they create a traffic jam and they can often be rude.

If you are a person who loves peace, it would be a great reason to move from Florida. Try to find yourself a place where tourists aren’t as common. Florida provides a variety of opportunities but for a big number of people, it just isn’t a good enough reason to stay there. It’s just not worth it. No one can blame you for putting your own inner peace before everything else.

In the end, it all gets down to safety

Safety is basically the main reason why people leave Florida. While weather attracts a lot of people, it also makes a lot of people leave Florida. The same goes for tourists. While there are people who love the hustle of the big cities and love being surrounded by people, a lot of us just don’t like all the noise and chaos. So, that’s a reason to move as well. Here are some of the main reasons people are leaving Florida:

  • Hurricanes
  • Tornados
  • Wild animals in your home, or backyard
  • Cockroaches and similar pests
  • So many tourists
  • Lack of safety
Tourists are taking pictures of a place.
A lot of tourists come to Florida to enjoy their time there and that affects the lives of people who live in Florida.

Lack of safety is one of the reasons people are leaving Florida

While it’s not the only reason, it is pretty big. Too many tourists mean a lot of them might engage in some illegal activities. You don’t want to end up in a bar fight or to get your house robbed for no reason. With the tourists comes the problem of crime. Crime is not desirable and that’s among the reasons people are leaving Florida. You want to live in a safer environment and that’s totally fine. Especially if you have kids. You want to provide them with a safe childhood without having to worry about their safety. Moving to a smaller place with good commercial movers can only mean a nicer life for you and your family.