5 places in California Floridians are moving to

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You are planning to move from Florida to California but haven’t yet chosen the city where you will live. But you’re in the right place because we’re going to introduce you to places in California Floridians are moving to. When we talk about Florida and California, both countries are beautiful, they offer good opportunities for life as well as for work. And also, California and Florida have beautiful beaches that we can guarantee you will like. But what is essential for you to know is that these two countries are 2,700 miles apart. Since this is considered as a long distance relocation, you should contact NationwideMovers Florida to help you out with the move. Call them and you will have a safe and simple move. Now let’s see what Floridians’ favorite places are!

What are the best places to live in California?

California is one of the top 5 states to which people have moved the most. You yourself know how special, favorable, and developed Florida is that you must have thought that no one leaves Florida. But, on the contrary, there are people who want a change, but strive to replace Florida with a place that will not deny them the beaches to which almost all residents are emotionally attached. Did you know that some of the most beautiful moments in life are spent on the beaches? Weddings, dates, parties, birthdays, and other celebrations are just some of the important moments.

Girls chosing one of best places in California
When choosing a place to move to, chose based on your need and wishes.

So, Floridians want to move, but they don’t want to live without the sea. That is one of the reasons why they choose California. Also, California, like Florida, is a city where you can find entertainment at every corner. But when it comes to business opportunities, California isn’t far behind. So, if you decide to move from Florida to California, below you will get to know some of the favorite places for Floridians. Let’s see!

Irvine – Best place for family life

Just 56 miles from the world-famous city of Los Angeles, there is this small town that is ideal for family life. What is very important is that this town is safe with a very low crime rate and that it will provide your children with quality education and many more opportunities. In addition, this city is very clean and based on ecology and environmental protection.

So, if you want to live in an ecologically clean community, moving from Florida to California is a good choice. In addition to suitable conditions for work and education, Irvine offers its residents a variety of activities, beautiful parks, shopping centers, and an abundance of restaurants and cafes. In addition, a warm climate awaits you throughout the year, as well as major tourist attractions such as Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm.

Santa Babara – Like a Mediterranean village

This tourist community is located on the central coast of California, and people have called it the Mediterranean Village. This small town is decorated with unique architecture made of small houses with red roofs, as well as beautiful nature. When we talk about important moments in your life, this place can be ideal for organizing celebrations. In addition, over 5,000 tourists visit this town annually.

Here you will feel as if you are living life in another dimension. Noise and crowds are unknown things here. But in addition to many free things to do in Santa Barbara, this place offers you a strong and healthy economy and many business opportunities in the field of tourism, agriculture,  healthcare, and construction. Do you now understand why Floridians love this place?

San Diego – One of the favorite places in California Floridians are moving to

San Diego isn’t only one of the best cities to live in California, but also in the entire USA. This city can boast of its extremely strong economy, beautiful beaches, and rich nightlife. When we talk about beaches, Imperial Beach and Pacific Beach are the must-see places in San Diego. And when we talk about the main attractions, in the city center you will find LEGOLAND. This will be your children’s favorite place.

San Diego is one of the best places in California Floridians are moving to.

If you ask cross country movers Florida which is the favorite city of Floridians, 70% of the answer will be San Diego. But when it comes to living in San Diego, it’s true that it can be a bit expensive. But salaries in San Diego will allow you to live comfortably. Salaries are higher than the nationalaverage.

Sacramento – Capital city and one of the places Floridians are moving to

Why is Sacramento one of the best places in California Floridians are moving to? In addition to being the capital of California, this is one of the most affordable cities to live in CA. This city can boast of its strong economy, developed school and health system, as well as the business opportunities it offers to its residents. If you are looking for an ideal place for activities and walking, it can be William Land Park, Fairytale Town, or McKinley Park.

In addition to these benefits, one more awaits you. The warm climate throughout the year. But it can also be a disadvantage because summers can be very hot. If you want to live in this city, know that you can expect a great night out, and famous restaurants with nationalspecialties.

San Jose – Ideal place for young professionals

This is one of the ideal cities for young professionals who want to pursue a career in technology. Also, according to long distance movers Florida, students also choose this city to attend one of the best colleges in California. This city has a very low unemployment rate, and in addition, it offers many business opportunities. Living in San Jose can be expensive, but this city offers you affordable real estate prices, and a very affordable cost of living that is below the nationalaverage.

San Jose, place where Floridians move to
San Jose is a city that offers great opportunities for young professionals and students.

San Jose is one of the places in California Floridians are moving to, primarily for work. But it’s important to note that young Floridians in most cases choose this place. In addition to work, San Jose also offers incredibly good entertainment and a large number of outdoor activities.