5 traits of CA lifestyle everyone should get used to

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Adapting to your new surroundings is always going to be one of the first challenges you will have to face when moving to a new area. However, relocations are something that we go through, at least once in our lifetime. Because they impose a lot of obligations, it is crucial that we approach the process as best as possible. Today, to help you do just that, we talk about the 5 traits of CA lifestyle that you should know before moving there. To properly move to a certain location, you will need all the help you can get. By hiring a professional moving company, like NationwideMovers, you can, not only speed up the process but lower the amount of work you have to do. Thus, by doing so, you will have more time to prepare for your adaptation to your new city. So, without further ado…

5 traits of CA lifestyle that you need to know

California is a state in the Western United States. The state of California is the most populous, as well as the third-largest state in the United States. Two of the main regions: Greater Los Angeles Area and San Francisco Bay Area, have 18.7 and 9.6 million people living in them. Sacramento is the capital seat of the state. Moreover, the city of Los Angeles is the second-most populous city in the US, right after New York City. As far as the economy goes, the Californian economy is one of the largest sub-nationaleconomies in the world. It represents the melting pot of various cultures, nationwideities, and traditions from all around the world. With its sunny and warm weather, as well as long and sandy beaches; California is one of the must-visit locations for people from across the globe. Consequently, it is also one of the primary locations for young professionals.

Living in California means living with fog

This trait is mostly for those that plan on moving from Florida to California and choose to live in North or Central California. The Bay Area, to be precise, is the part of California that requires you to learn to live with fog on a regular basis. The world’s longest operating webcam is used solely for tracking the fog in the BayArea.

a large fog wall gathered over the Golden Gate, to represent one fo the traits of CA lifestyle people should know of
Make sure that you always check the fog levels before leaving your home, especially in a vehicle

On the other hand, the central part of California experiences tule fog. This fog raises from the moist winter ground which forms a dense wall that narrows vision to barely a few feet. Driving through this specific “wall of fog” can lead to serious consequences. Furthermore, anyone that plans on living in the area should know about this. Luckily, as the air pollution levels drop in the area, the fog thickness seems to reduce which marks great progress in dealing with this issue.

It is not cheap to live in the state

In fact, moving to the state of California will mean living in one of the highest cost of living states in the nation. More importantly, the closer you are to the epicenters of the state, meaning Los Angeles and San Francisco, the more it will cost you to live there.

a man counting money on a wooden table after calculating his expenses
Make sure that you have control over your finances, as it is expensive to live in California

One of the biggest issues of moving to California is, well, paying the bills and living. To help you understand the expenses of living in the state better, we bring up this data:

  • The median household income is $75.250
  • Individually, the median income is $32.000
  • The average home price in California is $834.400
  • Living in the state for a year, on average would cost $46.800

So, for example, moving from Miami to California would mean a large gap in the cost of living. California has the second-most competitive job market in the nation.

Opening up to new experiences is one of the traits of CA lifestyle you will need to get used to

California is full of people that love to experience new things and are, in a way, trend-setters. Whether we are talking about finding a way to stand out in the job market or trying new and unknown food, there is a lot to experience here. Most importantly, it is a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds. Therefore, you will learn something new everywhere you go.

two friends near the fire on a beach somewhere in California
From hiking to trying new food, experiencing new things is one of the main traits of CA lifestyle

You should focus on meeting new people, which will be fairly easy, and engage in an adventure in the city. Each of the cities and towns in California will offer different experiences that you can enjoy. Engaging in activities and events is the core of California, and a great way to meet new people and see new things.

Everybody “owns” the beach

Were you thinking about beachfront living? Even if so, you cannot legally own a piece of a beach in the state of California. Although you can have a mansion near the beach, you cannot own an inch of the beach. Therefore, in a way, everyone owns the beach in California. If you plan on moving anywhere that is near the coastline, this would be good information to know. Generally speaking, it is important that one knows what to expect when moving to a new area. Although many people use the beach to get fit and work out, a lot of people start taking it for granted after a while.

Celebrities and the entertainment industry are the main traits of CA lifestyle

Once you move to the state of California, you will, most likely, be amazed by all the celebrities you encounter. More importantly; as the entertainment industry plays a vital role in the economy of the state, there is a lot of “start power” to find. Well, those that are stars, and those that are on the road of becoming that. Therefore, you might start to assume that everyone you meet is a star-to-be, or in the industry in some way. More importantly, the celebrities you meet will no longer amaze you as much, as you will encounter them on a regular basis. This is one of the traits of CA lifestyle that you will need to get used to – that every person there, no matter the fame, is just a simple human being. So, there is no need to be nervous about moving there.