A complete interstate moving checklist

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If you thought moving was an easy and simple process, you are sorely mistaken! If you are moving for the first time, and you are new to this, be prepared for one exciting adventure full of commitments and challenges. Thousands of decisions, obligations, and costs await you. However, if you first make your interstate moving checklist, and strictly adhere to it, everything will be much easier and stress-free. A good and reliable moving company will be there for you, but your share in all this is also important. That’s why we present you with the best interstate moving checklist, and how to make it.

What is an interstate moving checklist?

It may seem silly at first glance, but the interstate moving checklist turned out to be a great thing. You need to have your list to be ready at all times. Something unforeseen can happen, and you will have written in your notebook what is important, urgent, and necessary and what you can forget.

Whether you are moving two blocks away or somewhere further within your state, a moving checklist will help you always be up to the task. Moving checklist is something where you will have written down in order what and how you need to do as well as the hours for that. Also, in the checklist, you must have the listed things that you need for the move to go smoothly. Boxes, bags, bubble wraps, but also down to the little things like scissors and duct tape.

What needs to be on your interstate moving checklist?

  • Decluttering
  • Best way to pack
  • Packing supplies
  • Utilities
  • Moving service
  • Cleaning
  • Documents

Decluttering and downsizing

Packing for moving is the moment when you realize how many things you actually have. Then you notice that you don’t really need every single thing.  A great option is to donate or recycle something and take the money, which will surely mean something to you. Check all the drawers, throw away all the papers, bills, everything you don’t need anymore. You can do the same with clothes and shoes that you have not worn for more than 6 months. You can also sell or donate certain pieces of furniture to those who need them. We don’t really need a lot of things, do we?

Typing machine and “DONATIONS” sign typed on paper
Look for furniture you can donate to those in need

Best way to pack

When packing, it is quite important that you have packing materials and that everything is neatly marked. You don’t want to unpack for days and look for where what is. To avoid this, it is best to organize yourself well. Ideally, you could pack room by room. That way you will know exactly where what is. Try to write on the boxes which room is in question and what is approximately in it.

You can even mark which box is in order for which room. For example, “Kitchen 1/6”, so as not to lose some things just because you overlooked that there was another box from that room.

Packing supplies

Everything will go well if you don’t forget about packing supplies. That’s why you need to have them on your interstate moving checklist. In order to transfer everything from point A to point B without any worries, you must have the appropriate material. Look for moving supplies from nearby moving companies, such as boxes, bags, bubble wrap, duct tape, labels, markers, foam pellets. You don’t have to buy the boxes, you can also take them from a nearby store, charity, or you can buy/rent them from recycling centers.

Boxes, duct tape, scissors, and books on the shelf
Buy the best packing supplies for your moving


When moving, it is very important to log out of all accounts from the previous home. Such as electricity, gas, internet. Also, don’t forget to report the utilities you will have in your new home. Also, unsubscribe from all membership fees such as the library, gym, video club. Don’t forget to pay all the bills you have made so far. Be a good citizen and do not leave debts behind.

Moving services

In order for your interstate checklist to be complete, you must also add the engagement of a reliable moving company. A professional team of people will do their best to help you not feel any aspect of moving. From packaging to unpacking. People who deal with this are ready for any obstacles that may befall them. Do not hesitate, make it easy for yourself to move and contact a moving company, whether you need their advice or services.

Cleaning is one of the things you must have on your interstate moving checklist

We believe that the home you have lived in so far has been clean. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean it one more time. By cleaning, we mean thorough cleaning, which includes moving furniture, vacuuming, maybe even painting. Leave everything clean behind. The floor will certainly get dirty when you move, so make sure it is cleaned. You can always call cleaning services, which can do this after you leave the house, so as not to disturb each other.

Guy cleaning the clear glass
You can hire a cleaning company to clean everything


What you must not omit from the interstate moving checklist are the documents. Make sure you bring all your personal documents with you. It would be best to arrange everything in a folder with separators. That way you will know best where you are when you unpack. Important documents that you must not forget are the birth certificate, citizenship, ID card, driver’s license, school diplomas. Remember to seek your medical records from your health center on time. If you have children, bring their reports and a letter from the school.

Moving is always easier with the advice of experts. Even if you also have an example of an interstate moving checklist that you will follow, you don’t have to worry that everything will go well. Follow the steps, pack neatly and enjoy a stress-free move and finally a new home.