Beachfront Living: Pros and Cons

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A lot of people dream of waking up by a body of water and being greeted with that amazing view. Luckily, this is a dream that can become a reality. Beachfront living is certainly not a new trend, as this is something that attracted people for a long time now. This alone might explain why, in any major city, the neighborhoods by the body of water are the most popular. The certain charm of these neighborhoods surely attracts many people, but are they aware of what are the ups and downs of this lifestyle? Today, we are going to list some of the good and the bad things you could expect if you decide to live near a beach. On the other hand, if you require adequate assistance while moving, you should consider relying on professional moving services, like NationwideMovers. A safe relocation ensures a positive relocation experience.

The pros of beachfront living

Purchasing a property on a beach surely sounds like a dream. Of course, there are a lot of things that you can benefit from if you end up purchasing such a home. So, if you are, for example, moving from Miami to Los Angeles, you might have a general idea of what it should be like to live near a beach. However, it is still advisable to do your own research prior to doing so. Here are the two major pros we are going to talk about today:

  • The lifestyle quality
  • Beachfront real estate has a solid market

The lifestyle quality

There are several benefits to living in such a home. One of the things is the stunning view you will wake up to on a regular basis. Furthermore, you live near a beach, there will always be things to do. If you end up purchasing such a property, you will surely not be bored while living there.

a small resort area nearh a shoreline to represent beachfront living
Living in such an area opens a lot of rooms for outdoor activities in the vicinity, as well as fresher air than in more urban areas

In addition, the air quality near larger bodies of water is always better than in the city center. This, on top of various activities you can enjoy, ensure that you lead a more healthy lifestyle than usual. Mostly because you will have access to better air quality, as well as having the opportunity to engage in various different outdoor activities in your neighborhood. Moreover, if the summers get too hot, all you need to do is open the window and let that cool breeze in.

Beachfront real estate has a solid market

This is especially important if you feel like this is not going to be your permanent home. Generally, people purchase these properties to get away from the bustling cities from time to time. Of course, no one is to say you cannot live in one. However, the biggest advantage here is that you will be, somewhat, positive that the price will not fluctuate quickly. Beachfront living is a trend for a long time now and it does not seem like it will go away any time soon. Hence, people will always seek to purchase homes near bodies of water. If you ever feel like you want to move and sell the home, you can do it with ease as there will always be a market for it. More importantly, the price will most likely not change that much, as far as lowering the price goes.

The cons of beachfront living

Now that you know what the good parts of this lifestyle are, we are going to talk about the negative ones. Of course, everything has to have its ups and downs. However, what matters the most is that you weigh in all the pros and cons before opting to move.

a beach full of tourists and locals having a good time
The constant influx and circulation of tourists, as well as the environment, can become a nuisance after a while

So, if moving from Miami to San Francisco, you will have to know what to expect, as the two cities differ. As far as the cons of such a lifestyle, we are going to focus on:

  • Sand and salt will be a constant annoyance
  • You will have to learn to live with a crowd nearby all the time

Sand and salt will be a constant annoyance

Living at the beach means living in an area that is covered in sand. This sand can easily be picked up by the wind and carried into your home. Moreover, the salt from the water can also do the same thing and spread all over your car, driveway, and house. Although this might not sound like a lot. However, over time, the salt will start to eat out the surface it is on. On longer terms, this could bring a certain level of damage to your house, as well as your surroundings. On the other hand, living near a beach will usually mean constantly going to the beach. This alone will mean that you will be constantly struggling with excess sand around the house. If moving to a different climate, this could take some getting used to.

You will have to learn to live with a crowd nearby all the time

Beachfront living also means living in a resort area. Furthermore, beaches are always attracting the most people. Hence, if you opt to leave near a beach, be ready for constant cheers and talking happening all around your home. More importantly, if there are any clubs nearby, you should expect noise until late in the evening.

a large number of people on an event on the beach
From regular local and tourist visits to the beach to larger events that might be held there, you will surely be seeing a lot of people in the area

Tourism is one of the biggest economic contributors in the majority of places that have access to the sea or ocean. Hence, living near the beach would usually mean having to deal with tourists on a regular basis. Especially during the summer season. Additionally, there are things like parking around the area, blocking your driveway, and much more that can come with a lot of tourists.