Best places to retire in the USA

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Retirement is a different experience and expectation for everyone. Some people want to spend time in nature and outside of big cities, while others want to be in the epicenter of activities. Of course, this will mostly depend on the lifestyle you led and what your ultimate retirement goals are. Because retirement allows people to fully devote themselves to their hobbies, passions, and lifestyles, it is important that you do this right. Today, we share the best places to retire in the USA that you might like. Furthermore, hiring NationwideMovers to help you relocate will make the process easier and the transition phase better. More importantly, as professional movers prepare and move your home, you can spend more time exploring your new surroundings or learning more about the places you want to move to. Finally, you need to know what you can do and expect upon moving there.

What are the best places to retire in the USA?

One thing is certain. The state of Florida is one of the leading states when it comes to retirement. The sunny weather, sandy beaches, diverse population and culture, and a plethora of outdoor activities are just some of the reasons why it is great for retirees. In addition, Florida is tax-friendly towards retirees, giving them another reason to move there.

two elderly women enjoying a project on a sunny day in one of the best places to retire in the USA
Community involvement, outdoor activities, and family proximity are some of the main things retirees look for when moving

On the other hand, in today’s article, we are going to try not to talk all about the Florida places in which you can retire. Trust us, there is a lot of them. However, we are going to discuss a certain place from a different state in every paragraph. By doing so, we will help you gain better insight into a wider perspective of choice. So, what places should you take into consideration when you finally retire? Join us and find out.

Boca Raton, Florida

  • Population: 97.470
  • The age of the population majority: 65+ (27%)
  • Median home value: $458.600

Boca Raton is a town in Palm Beach County. This urban area is home to, mostly, people older than 65 years. The second-largest group of residents is the younger professionals. Furthermore, Boca Raton is not only a haven for retirees but families as well. So, if you plan on moving there, hiring moving companies Delray Beach will ensure you relocate safely. The town of Boca Raton brags its beaches, as well as 243 days of clear skies per year, on average. There are no income taxes, there is an option for purchasing luxury real estate and there are top-notch healthcare facilities in the area. More importantly, aside from various festivals, there are 1.600 acres of recreational space in the area. Furthermore, Boca Raton is great if you want to socialize while enjoying your retirement.

Places to retire in the USA: Columbia, Maryland

  • Population: 103.991
  • The age of the population majority: 65+ (15%)
  • Median home value: $378.300

Unlike people that want to move to rural areas after retirement, there are people that want to live in the city. Well, if you are someone that falls in this group, Columbia, Maryland is the perfect place for you. Because you want to ensure your relocation remains positive, make sure to take the time to compare moving companies you want to hire. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid fraudulent moving companies. Moreover, Columbia has 213 days of sunshine on an annual level. One of the biggest advantages of Columbia is its proximity to Washington DC and Baltimore. If you have a family in any of these two cities, or their proximity, Columbia is the perfect place to stay close to them. Columbia is also great for culture, art, and history involvement.

Salem, New Hampshire

  • Population: 29.234
  • The age of the population majority: 65+ (19%)
  • Median home value: $325.600
an elderly man sitting in nature while looking in the distance
Whether you love culture, nature, history, or arts, Salem will surely have something for you

Welcome to Salem, a suburban part of Boston, located in Rockingham County, New Hampshire. In this densely suburban area, the majority of residents (78%) own their homes. Because the suburb is not too big, nor small, it represents the perfect balance for a retirement lifestyle. In addition, the residents of the area love culture and gladly spend their free time ascending themselves on a cultural level. The amenities of the area include golf courses, amusement parks, the New Hampshire Philharmonic Orchestra, various performing arts, and local nature reserves. If you want to exercise or get in touch with nature, you can visit the Salem Town Forest. If you want to move to this, one of the best places to retire in the USA, make sure you get in touch with long distance moving companies Florida.

Dutch Island, Georgia

  • Population: 1.166
  • The age of the population majority: 65+ (28%)
  • Median home value: $554.100
a sunset on the horizon above a wheat field
Rural areas like Dutch Island are a great getaway from the big city, you spent the majority of your life in

People will often want to move away from big cities when retiring. Especially if they spent the majority of their life in a big city. One of the places to retire in the USA, which is not in the city, is Dutch Islands in Georgia. Dutch Islands is a rural suburb of the city of Savannah. Furthermore, it represents one of the best places to retire, in all of Georgia. This retiree and family-friendly location are almost completely enclosed by the two local rivers: Skidaway River and Wilmington River. Logically, because of its locations, Dutch Islands offer a great location to do water sports or simply enjoy the water. More importantly, Dutch Islands are full of wildlife and nature. Moreover, it will give you activities to enjoy with your grandchildren when they come to visit.