Best strategy to unpack your new household

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You began making plans for moving from Florida to California. And as you know, relocating home requires a thorough packing plan and impeccable moving logistics. Moreover, you must find a moving company as well and have enough time to cover each moving task before they arrive. Therefore, let us help you a bit with the hardest one. We will focus on how to unpack your new household but before you can do it, you must pack it like a pro first. Let’s do it together.

Gather all the moving supplies first

You will pack and unpack your new household much easier if you are using proper packing materials. So, let us begin here and obtain all the moving supplies first. You must know there are budget versions and a bit more expensive materials. Depending on the size of your move, your belongings, and your budget, you will decide which ones you’ll obtain. Hence, consider the basic moving supplies first:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Blister packs
  • Labels
Label your boxes to easier unpack your new household
Obtain all the basic moving supplies and pack your cargo safely and efficiently.

It is all you need to pack your home efficiently and to unpack it even easier. Now, you must know there are plastic bins, corner pads, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, and customized moving boxes. Those are a bit more expensive but if you need any of them to invest a bit more. As for the regular packing supplies, you’ll need around 30 cardboard boxes, better-quality tape, bubble wrap, and labels. You can purchase everything online, at the nearest home depot, or from your moving companies in Florida. You must figure out what is more convenient for you. Once your packing materials arrive, you will start packing.

Inspect everything to realize how to pack and unpack your new household

Before you can start packing, there is one more step to do. You must inspect both old and a new place so you know how much space you have. This is a simple process where you’ll visit each area of your home including the attic, garage, basement, and backyard. Note all your furniture and household items onto the moving checklist and you’ll know how many moving supplies Florida you must purchase to pack everything. Also, this will give you insight into the moving budget and how hard your relocation is. Once you are done with this part, inspect your new home and figure out where to put everything. But you probably already had this in mind before you purchased the property.

two persons shuffling through items
Check your old and unused items and declutter as much as possible. Start fresh and clutter-free.

Some of the items will probably go back to their original places like seasonal items. But there are surely items you are dragging with you for no reason. Maybe there is a broken fridge or a TV you want to repair and they are only sitting there cluttering your space. This might be the moment to declutter and downsize and get rid of the junk you have. You can donate, give away, sell online or recycle those items. Some of it is still usable so inspect them thoroughly because there might be something valuable. You can refurbish those items and use them in a way. And if you declutter properly, you’ll have fewer items to pack and unpack. Also, your relocation will be much cheaper and far easier. And you’ll have more space to work on your furniture layout and to place your boxes wherever you want.

Your kitchen is probably the hardest place to handle

Usually, your kitchen is the hardest place to pack and unpack. Simply because there are many small items as well as hazardous ones. There are sharp blades, appliances, and a lot of fragile items. Such an environment requires a good packing plan and a proper batch of materials to cover. So, if you want to avoid injuries you should approach this task seriously. Start with all the utilities by unplugging all appliances and securing the cables and batteries. Empty all appliances, dry them out, and pack them in their original boxes. If you are unsure of how to do it, consult the user’s manual. As for small parts, put them in baggies, label them all, and place them in a dedicated box. The same goes for blades, knives, and other sharp objects. Roll them in towels and kitchen cloth and have a box ready for them.

As for the dishes and other breakable items, use cardboard buffers and crumpled paper to fill the gaps inside the box. Each box should have a cushion as well at the bottom to soak the damage. Hopefully, there won’t be any and if you pack your kitchen carefully, you will unpack it in the same way. When you begin to unpack your new household you will want to make your kitchen usable as soon as possible so you can prepare all your daily meals right from the start. But if you for some reason want to skip the entire packing process, talk to your movers and purchase packing services Florida. Movers will handle the packing and unpacking for you. All you must do is supervise the process and ensure nothing is damaged upon delivery.

Seal your boxes tight and secure your cargo

If you are packing yourself, you must know how important the packing tape is. It is something that will hold your box together and you will seal your box with it as well. Therefore, you must purchase a higher-quality one and apply it all around the box in several layers. Especially for the boxes with fragile content. Yes, it might be tricky to unpack it later. But you’ll use a knife or a box cutter to solve this problem. All that is important now is for your box to stay in one piece until the end.

packing tape and moving boxes
Always use better-quality packing tape. It is what is holding your boxes together and your items safe.

Labels will help you to unpack your new household like a pro

The power of labeling is something that is neglected over the years. So, we strongly advise you to label each box with the content inside. Fragile boxes should have a huge “FRAGILE” sign on them while other boxes should have the name of the room they belong to. Or you can even make an inventory list and match each box with a number or a color from the list. This way you’ll know exactly where they should go and this approach will make your unpacking process very easy. Hence, label all your boxes and have a fun time unpacking.

Someone should take care of the robust items as well

Ok, we covered most of it. But remember, you have your furniture as well. And some of it is robust and hard to handle. Therefore, you must hire a moving company to assist you with this one. They have all the tools, knowledge, and equipment to move such items. So, search for your movers online and compare services and prices. Read a few reviews as well until you find a match. Once you are sure you have found a suitable moving company, give them a call. Check if they are licensed and schedule a meet and over time, moving date, and a moving price.

Now you know how to unpack your new household like a pro. As you can see, it is all about packing and labeling. If you do it right, you’ll unpack within days. So, focus on packing materials and the packing process and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Good luck and stay safe.