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AmeriSafe Moving Services operates on a strong 3P foundation when it comes to relocation - professionalism, precision, and principles.

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Moving a household is rarely simple or easy. Unless you have the assistance of a good moving company. On the other hand, moving an office or entire business is never easy without having expert commercial movers to handle it. That is where professional moving and storage services come into play. With the help of AmeriSafe Moving Services, you can rest easy, knowing that your commercial property is in safe hands. We can find companies that have trained manpower and the professional moving equipment necessary to ensure a safe and efficient relocation of your offices. Trust in the commercial expertise that our partners offer. Get in touch with us and let us help you move or expand your business!

one of the commercial movers standing next to the moving boxes
Commercial movers have only one job and that is relocating your business quickly and effectively from one place to another

We are the right people for your business relocation!

As a professional yourself, you understand that every business relocation must be fast and efficient. That is exactly what professional commercial movers will do for you! As we can find you the best cross country movers Florida has, you are free to expand and relocate your business anywhere you want! While you and your team prepare to present your services to new clients, we will work hard on making that possible on short notice!

Inform us on time about our decision to move your business so that we can act quickly. But even if you are short on it, we have the solution for that! Another thing our clients love about us is that we come up with solutions regarding moving in every way possible. We will set up the closest date and inform you about the details surrounding your relocation! 

How do we plan your office move to ensure maximum efficiency?

No matter what type of business you are relocating, getting it done fast without wasting precious time is crucial. We know that in business, time is money. That is why our moving experts pay special attention to planning. Once you get in touch with us, our moving coordinators will plan your move to the very last detail minimizing the chance of unexpected interruptions that can happen along the way.

Firstly, we will determine what Florida commercial moving companies will be the best fit for your type of business. And since there are many options at your disposal, we will also consider what moving services Florida companies similar to yours use when relocating and pick the most suitable for you. Then, we will plan the best way to pack your commercial assets. We will find the best route to your destination taking into consideration the latest data regarding traffic jams, road maintenance, as well as other issues that can obstruct the process. Finally, we will plan the unpacking process as well as setting up your office so you can get back to your business as soon as possible with minimum downtime.

We work only with commercial movers that use the best equipment and proven methods!

As we will send you an entire team trained for helping you carry out your relocation, let us tell you a little bit more about the things we use to make it possible. Through our partners, we have access to modernized vehicles, high-quality packing materials, and more. Additionally, the moving services our partners offer are fast and affordable. You could be moving your company anywhere in the state of Florida and still manage to set up your headquarters on time.

two people throwing moving boxes to each other
You and your team can focus on making new projects while we deal with your inventory

Probably the best thing about professional long distance movers Florida offers is that they don’t stop at only transporting your things. They will happily assist you with:

We can help you relocate your home along with your business

If you are relocating your home along with your business, give us a call. Besides Florida commercial movers, we will send you a team specialized in handling residential relocations as well. There is no need to search and hire two separate Florida moving companies – you can get everything you need in one place!

Keep your excess items in a safe storage facility in Florida

Keeping your commercial assets safe is very important for your business. And we know that keeping all your documentation, equipment, and office supplies can take up a lot of precious office space. Luckily, with AmeriSafe Moving Services, you have another option. Give us a call and we will help you find top-quality storage space that will keep your items safe. Through our moving partners, we offer clean and safe storage units of all sizes and types across the state of Florida. Just give us a call and we will ensure that your items end up in a perfect storage space close to your office.

storage services offered by Florida commercial movers
Gain additional space in your office by moving some of your office supplies or equipment that you rarely use to storage

The best packing services in Florida are at your disposal

Packing is one of the crucial parts of the moving process. And when you are relocating an office, getting everything packed and secured can be more than difficult. That is why Florida commercial movers will also bring a load of quality moving boxes and other packing supplies that will ensure the safety of your items during the moving process. You do not have to make a list of packing supplies or pack anything. We will send you professional packers who will pack your items safely in a matter of hours.

We also offer special services suitable for relocating your zen office space

At AmeriSafe Moving Services you can find a variety of special moving services as well. A lot of companies these days have a zen office space that is intended for relaxing and taking pressure off their employees. So, if your business has a pool table, piano, or some time of fine art, we will find you Florida commercial movers who will be able to help you relocate them safely and without damage.

Have company vehicles? We can relocate them as well

If your business has company cars, you also need to think about relocating them safely. Now, if your business has professional drivers, you might let them handle it for you. If not, we will send you Florida commercial movers who will handle them for you.

Let us be your new partners!

Since we started our moving business, we knew that our goal is simple and clear. Getting you from one place to another with zero stress included is our full-time job! With some of the best commercial moving companies Florida has to offer there are no hidden fees and every single price is balanced with the services you request. Our commercial movers have plenty of experience and can answer all those questions you are willing to ask. If this is your first time moving your business, don’t make it difficult. Let us show you how professionals can make your interstate move easier. Your team and clients will be thankful for things unfolding so quickly and your entire business will skyrocket!

mover writing down inventory
We are waiting for your call and looking forward to your successful relocation!

AmeriSafe Moving Services will meet your commercial moving and storage needs!

Ensure that you get the best resources and manpower for your upcoming relocation! All it takes is a phone call and you’re as good as set for a smooth moving process. So, give us a call now and secure the best commercial movers for your upcoming office relocation! AmeriSafe Moving Services will be one more trustworthy partner on your list and we will cherish your decision to move with us!