Help your elderly parents relocate with these easy tips

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Most often, you’re going to need to be helping your parents relocate once they’re older. That may seem complicated, but it’s really not. It’s straightforward, and if you give yourself plenty of time you’re going to do great. Foremost, you’re probably going to need to hire a good moving company. Although DIY moves are popular nowadays, your elderly parents probably can’t move on their own. The best idea is to hire one of the most reputable movers, such as NationwideMovers Florida, to help your elderly parents relocate. Most of these companies are going to offer free quote estimates, so use that to your advantage and find out what works best for you money-wise. You can also use some of their extra services, such as packing – so make sure to do research about the company before hiring them.

Finding the right company to help you relocate your parents

When looking into relocating your parents to another town or even state, it’s best to do it by hiring a moving company. You’re also going to be able to use their packing services. In case your parents own any antiques or delicate objects, that’s going to be a lifesaver. A lot of the companies will also have very specific services, such as piano relocations so make sure to know exactly what you need from them. Florida has an excellent moving industry, which means that there are lots of good companies. Choosing a specific one for your parents might be hard, but think about the following:

  • Choose a well-known company that’s been on the market for a while.
  • They will have all the necessary paperwork done, and a professional website with all of their services on it.
  • They will have good reviews from other people, which should signal that they’re a good fit to help your elderly parents relocate.
  • They’re not going to be either the most expensive or the cheapest option.
Grandparents spending time with their grandchildren
Hiring a moving company is the best option when you want to assist your parents to relocate.

How much in advance should you hire them?

Generally speaking, the sooner you want your parents to move to California, the more costs you’re going to need to pay. If you’re looking at spending as little as possible, booking them for a couple of months in advance is a great idea. That’s going to also allow your parents to prepare, more mentally than actually packing. When the day comes, it’s all a matter of taking a plane to the Golden State and letting the professionals do the rest. You probably shouldn’t book anything during the summer, because the long distance moving companies Florida offers are often overcrowded during that time, but other seasons are great. Moreover, if you are looking into welcoming them there you should probably have them arrive when you have free days to help them settle in. Other than that, there are no other things you should know about.

Two men from a moving company, ready to help your elderly parents relocate
Hire the movers well in advance to give yourself and your parents time to prepare.

What to do and how to assist them

There are some things you’re going to need to do if you want to help your elderly parents relocate without too much stress. Older people often feel like they’re being neglected, and keeping them out of the planning is only going to make everything worse. That’s why it’s important to include them in the process and talk with them a lot regarding all the options that are on the table. Generally, you want to think about the following:

  • Talk with them about the moving process – keep them involved. Don’t keep anything with them, and always ask if they agree. If they have any preferences regarding the company, try to fulfill their wishes.
  • Get them to plan everything with you. The most important thing, of course, is where they’re going to move to. There are a lot of great options, but you should still seek their opinion. But this holds true for other situations as well.
  • Keep them posted about everything the company shares with you.
  • Plan the moving day together so they feel comfortable with it.

How much time does it take for your elderly parents to relocate

There are over 2,700 miles between Florida to California, meaning that your moving price is going to reflect that. It also means that your elderly parents will need to travel a long way. It’s best to consult with medical experts on what kind of precautions to take to best prepare them for the trip. Older people often get tired more easily, need more rest, and so on. Be mindful of that and ready to assist them in any case. Take more frequent breaks. If you’re traveling with a plane, book a flight that has a direct connection to California. Moving from Florida to California can seem stressful for anyone, so don’t underestimate the fact that moving, in general, is very draining. Take that into consideration when you’re planning the relocation.

A plane seen flying in the sky.
It’s best to have your parents catch a flight to California.

Conclusion – helping your elderly parents move in a nutshell

There you have it. An easy and plain way to assist them through this turbulent moment. Moving to another state is often very exhausting and even younger people need a lot of time to prepare. So, don’t shy away from it. Take as much time as you need for planning the move, and involve your parents in the process. Try to see what works best for them and try to accommodate their needs. Having them involved will also ease the burden on you, as they’ve probably moved in the past, too.

Another thing that is a must in these situations is hiring reliable and professional movers. Cross country movers Florida offers are trained professionals and they’re going to be able to help your elderly parents relocate. DIY movers are highly discouraged in these kinds of situations, as they can be especially time-consuming and energy-draining.  Also, consider using this situation to help your parents declutter their belongings. People, and older people especially, are prone to keeping things they don’t really need. Experience has shown that moving to another place is the best time for getting rid of them. In the end, you should really use this situation to grow closer together and be a family that supports each other.