How to keep your kids entertained during long distance relocation

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Moving anywhere is already a demanding task. Whether you are moving to another country or to a different state, long-distance moves require a lot of time, planning, and organization. Add your kids to all of that and you will have a real challenge. Long-distance relocation is a fresh start for the whole family and it might bring new opportunities to your life. However, children rarely understand. The entire relocating process can make them feel scared. Moving long distance with kids is not a joke. Since we know how difficult it can be, our team of experts from AmeriSafe Moving Services came up with a couple of tips and tricks for you. So, if you want to make your move easier for your whole family, read our brief article and find out how to keep your kids entertained during long distance relocation. 

Check-in with your kids

First, talk to your kids about your upcoming relocation. This might be a troublesome time for them. After all, they are leaving behind their friends and everything they are familiar with. It is important to sit down with them and ask your children how they feel about the move, do they have any doubts, what are their expectations and fears.

Try your best to present your new home in the best light. Don’t talk about the negative aspect of your move in front of them. Your children will not be excited if you aren’t. Show them the new house and the neighborhood. For example, if you are moving from Miami to Los Angeles research together what are some fun activities you can do together in Los Angeles. Try to find some similarities between Miami and Los Angeles, so that they can get familiar with their new home.

Mother and her kids having fun together
Talk to your kids about the upcoming relocation.

Bring their favorite toys

Prepare a variety of toys and puzzles. There is nothing more fun than playing with toys and solving puzzles! Go together to their favorite toy shop and let them choose a couple of new items they like. Having new toys and games will keep them excited and interested. Also, you can always download games on your phone or a tablet. Remember to give them a couple of options to choose from. Giving children choices is a significant step in growing up and it makes them feel that they have some control over what they do. However, it is important to give them choices you can agree to.

Play games to keep your kids entertained during long distance relocation

If you are not sure what games you can play, here are some of our absolute favorites:

  • 20 questions. First, you have to choose a place, a person, or an item. After, everyone takes turns asking yes-or-no questions. You must not repeat questions and no one can answer over 20.
  • I spy. One person chooses something in the car or along the road, then gives the first letter of the object as a clue. Then everyone else takes turns to make a guess. The first person to guess correctly get to choose the next item.
  • The Licence Plate Game. This is the best game if you are moving from Florida to California since you will cross a couple of different states. Whoever sees a license plate first colors on the map. The goal of the game is to spot as many license plates from different states as you can. Remember to print out enough maps and bring different colored pencils.
  • Road Trip Scavenger Hunt. Find free printable lists online and print them out. The first one who completes the list wins the game.
  • ABC Picnic Game. This is an amazing game to practice memory skills. The first person says what they are bringing to the picnic starting with the letter A. The next one adds something starting with the letter B. The game goes all the way to the letter Z, and remember you have to memorize and repeat previous items.
  • Name 3 Things. Come up with a couple of different categories and let your children name 3 (or maybe more if they can) things in that category.
Mom and her kid sitting in the car
Keep your kids entertained with fun car games and activities.

Let them enjoy a movie or a book

Give your kids something to watch or a book to read and they will be easily entertained. Nowadays you have a ton of streaming services with children-friendly content, so without a doubt, they can find something entertaining. If your children appreciate reading you can give them a copy of their favorite book or a comic book. A good book will transform the ride into an incredible adventure. And the best part is that they will stay quiet. Additionally, you can download an audiobook so the whole family can listen to it.

Go big on snacks

Surely you don’t want to have a hangry kid during your move. Hence it is vital to pack enough of their favorite snacks. Take your kids to the grocery store and let them choose what they want. Consider getting each child their own bento box and let them organize it. This is a fun and creative activity children enjoy.

Bring snacks to keep your kids entertained during long distance relocation
Bring a variety of snacks to keep your kids entertained during long distance relocation.

Make a couple of stops along the way

Try to see this relocation as an amazing opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids. Make sure to stop at different roadside attractions and landmarks. If you are feeling adventurous, you can take them on a short hike. Allow your kids to choose what attractions they want to see. Don’t forget to take a lot of pictures and videos. Afterward, you can use photos to make a scrapbook about your relocation. This is another way you can help your kids transition and accept the move. Try to make your relocation a fun adventure.

Moving with your kids doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Try to use this as a chance to spend time with your little ones, after all moving to another state or a country is a real adventure. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to keep your kids entertained during long distance relocation.