How to Make the Most of Your Road Trip from Florida to Arizona

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One of the hardest relocations to prepare for is a cross-country one. The biggest challenge of cross-country relocation is not the moving preparation and packing, but the road itself. The distance between Florida and Arizona is over 2000 miles and more than 30 hours of driving if you don’t count all the stops. Driving this much without making stops is not advisable since lack of sleep and overall tiredness can cause a lot of problems. For this reason, when you are preparing for a road trip from Florida to Arizona, you should plan a couple of stops during your travel, a couple of places to visit along the way, and so on. As you can see, there are a lot of things you should think about and organize on time. Luckily, Florida movers are here to help you with your relocation while you take care of your road trip.

How to prepare for a road trip from Florida to Arizona?

There are many reasons why people are moving from Florida to Arizona. Arizona is one of the best states for living and it is known for its great living conditions, job opportunities, healthcare, education, etc. In addition to this, Arizona has stunning natural beauty, but the weather might be a problem. While Florida has a humid climate, Arizona has a dry one. Summers are often long and dry while winters are cold and clear. For this reason, you will have to take into consideration whether differences between Florida and Arizona when preparing for your road trip. Furthermore, summer might not be the best time for going on such a faraway trip. It is better to do it during the spring or fall. Other things you need to organize and prepare for a road trip to Arizona from Florida are the following:

  • The best route
  • Stops
  • Navigation
  • Food
  • essential box
  • Costs
person writing about the road trip from Florida to Arizona
You should plan your road trip in advance

What is the best route when you’re traveling to Arizona from Florida?

When you are moving from Miami to Arizona, there are two ways of transportation. You can either go by plane or car. Both options have pros and cons. Planes are great if you want to shorten your trip, but they are expensive. For this reason, a better option is to drive to Arizona. Also, you can take this relocation as a trip for you and your family. The first thing you need to do is to choose your route. You can’t just figure one out after you’re already on the road. The route you will take will mostly depend on your starting and ending point. Your best option is to take I-10 Highway which runs from Jacksonville in Florida and connects many major cities including Phoenix and Tuscon in Arizona. There are 15 junctions of I-10 in Arizona that will take you to many cities.

Plan your trip in advance

You will need time to prepare for your road trip from Florida to Arizona. While state to state movers Florida pack your belongings, you can plan your trip. There are many routes to take and yours can look like this. For example, you can start in the morning and then drive to Tallahassee for about five hours where you can have a break for lunch. The next stop will be at Pensacola after three hours and you can stay here overnight. The next morning after a good rest and breakfast, you can drive for about 7.5 hours and arrive in Houston around 6 pm. You can spend the night in Houston and have dinner. The next morning, you can leave for Austin where you can spend a whole day visiting. Day four will be reserved for Fort Stockton and you will arrive in Arizona on the 5th day.

person planning
Plan all the stops and roads you will take

Where to spend the night on your road trip from Florida to Arizona?

As you can see, your road trip can last up to five days if you follow this route. However, your trip can be shorter or longer depending on breaks. Driving almost nonstop is not advisable as you can be tired without enough sleep. Also, you can visit many cities along the way that you probably want to visit otherwise. As you won’t have to worry about properly packing your belongings because you hire packing services Florida, you can slowly plan your breaks. For example, if you are going to take a lunch break in Tallahassee, you can try the best Italian food at Bella Bella restaurant. Pensacola is a famous tourist place, and you can find nice hotels around. Since you will be spending one night here, it is better to book a room in an affordable hotel rather than spend a fortune on an expensive one.

Why should you take breaks?

Some people see taking breaks as a waste of time when planning a road trip from Florida to Miami. Also, most people underestimate their ability to drive for very long without sleeping or resting. While you might think that you can drive 30 hours without a break, your body would certainly disagree with you. You might last for 8 to 10 hours without a problem, but after this, you will start to feel sleepy or tired. No matter how much coffee you drink, it won’t help feeling sleepy. Your concentration will drop, and you can easily hurt yourself or someone else. Additionally, if you are preparing to relocate from Florida to Arizona with your family, you also need to think about them. For this reason, it’s better to drive five days to Arizona from Florida, than to suffer a car accident and be seriously injured.

a car on the road
Make sure to plan a couple of stops along the road

What to pack in your essential box?

Besides planning your road trip and stops, you also need to pack your essential box. This essential box can be a bag, a backpack, or simply a cardboard box. A cardboard box is also one of the packing supplies that are essential for relocating. You can use it to pack your essential items as well. It doesn’t matter what to use, but what you will pack. An essential box means that you pack items that you will need to carry with you. For example, you will need a change of clothes, toiletries, chargers, important documents, medication, etc. Every family member should have an essential box for themselves. However, be careful not to pack too many of your items as you probably won’t have enough space in your car. Driving a fully loaded car is trickier than driving an empty one.

Check the condition of your car

There are many reasons why people move to different parts of Arizona from Florida. However, you can’t start your relocation with a car in a bad condition or with one that hasn’t been checked in a long time. The worst-case scenario is your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere and trying to find a repair shop. For this reason, you need to check your car’s battery, the levels of your car’s fluids, brakes and tires, belts, and hoses. You can check the condition of your car yourself if you know how to do it. However, the better option is to take your car to your trusted mechanic and let them do it instead. After all, professionals know much better than you. You should go on a road trip from Florida to Arizona with a car in good condition.

person checking the car
Make sure to check your car for the road trip from Florida to Arizona

What food to prepare for your road trip from Florida to Arizona

Food is also an important part of your road trip preparation. While it is very tempting to eat junk food from gas stations, you should try to avoid it. Junk food is high in calories from sugar, fat, and many other unhealthy ingredients. This food might be very tasty, but it’s not good for you. And occasional chocolate or snack bar won’t be a problem. Instead, you should prepare healthy snacks for your road trip. You will need a couple of supplies to store your prepared food. The best ones would be compact food containers and a standard cooler. Now, you can prepare snacks for your trip and actual meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The options for healthy snacks are endless such as dried or fresh fruit, popcorn, cheese sticks, crackers, cherry tomatoes, mostly bars, sweet potato chips, and so on.

How to navigate your road trip?

Before you go on your road trip from Florida to Arizona, you should plan your route. However, if you have never driven from Florida to Arizona, you might not know where to go. Additionally, some roads are often closed due to construction work so you will have to change your route in the middle of the trip. You will need a reliable navigation tool with you in this case. The best one is Google Maps. Google Maps will always show you the shortest route to take. You can easily adapt your route by adding different locations along the way. Also, if you take the wrong exit, Google Maps will automatically find a new route to get back on track. You should also take a paper map with you in case your mobile phone battery dies.

person using maps for the road trip from Florida to Arizona
Make sure to check Google Maps for your routes

How to find a hotel for your road trip?

Many people make mistakes by not finding and booking a hotel room in advance. This is not good practice as you won’t be able to find a hotel in time or one with available rooms. Finding a hotel in an unfamiliar city after long hours on road is not a scenario you want to see. Nowadays, it is easy to find hotels by using apps or searching online. However, just finding a hotel is not good enough, you should also book a room. This way, you will know where to go and have a safe option for the night. For example, if you are going to follow the route mentioned here, you should find hotels in Pensacola, Houston, Austin, and Fort Stockton. One of the options for a hotel in Pensacola is Sweet Dream Inn-University Park which is located close to I-10.

What should you visit on your road trip?

The best part about a road trip is the opportunity to see many historical sites and beautiful landscapes in different states. For example, if your road trip starts in Miami, your first stop should be Tampa where you can visit Busch Gardens. This is a themed amusement park with many fun rights and exotic animals. Your next stop for visiting should be the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine. Then, the things to see in Houston are the Space Center, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Houston Zoo, Buffalo Bayou Park, and so on. While you are in Austin, you can visit Downtown, Zilker Botanical Garden, and have lunch on South Congress Ave. Additionally, when you are in Arizona, you should also see Grand Canyon National Park, Hoover Dam, Petrified Forest National Park, etc.

a huge rock
You should stop by and see nature in Arizona

Don’t forget to take care of yourself

The most important thing during a road trip is to take care of yourself. The first and most important part would be to get enough rest and sleep. Additionally, you need to have regular meals and drink enough water. You should make but plan so that you get at least 8 hours of sleep every day. You should feel well-rested if you want to drive a car for a long time. The next thing would be food and water. Don’t skip meals and try to eat healthily while on the road. Avoid junk food from gas stations and convenience stores. The same rule applies to drinks. Water is all you need to drink while on your trip. Too much coffee is not good for your health or your sleeping habits.

Make your road trip an adventure for you and your family

A road trip from Florida to Arizona shouldn’t be just another task to complete. Instead, make this trip an adventure for you and your family. Plan things to see on your road trip and try to visit as many places as possible. In addition to this, besides having fun and enjoying your trip, you need to be careful and drive according to rules and regulations.