How to Prepare for Your Miami to San Francisco Move with Teens

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Congratulations you’ve decided to move from Miami to San Francisco. If you’re used to Miami weather you won’t have problems adapting to the weather in California. Our reliable Florida movers would like to help you prepare for your Miami to San Francisco move with teens. We know that moving is one of the hardest things that you’ll have to do in your life but don’t worry, we’re here to help. Teens, on the other hand, can get quite emotional but we have all been there so it’s nothing new. So let’s dive in and see how can you prepare for this!

Create a good plan before you move from Miami to San Francisco with teens

In order to prepare for your Miami to San Francisco move with teens, you should call a family meeting as soon as you can.. They’ll need to know it as soon as you do. This will be stressful not only for you and your partner but for your whole family.  Now it’ll be a bit easier on them if they have bigger rooms or the house is bigger, or if there are cool features like a pool or a hidden room. Now if you’re downsizing then you’ll have to use some of the “every cloud has a silver lining” strategies. If they start crying at night or if they’re sad hug them and offer them comfort and love, that’s all they need. You can also validate their feeling because during puberty they’re all “emotional bombs”. This will make moving from Miami to San Francisco easier and we as professional movers can help you with your entire move; from packing to moving.

A white paper with a note on which "make it happen!" is written;
Making a great plan and making it happen is the essence of every successful move.

One of the best tips to prepare for your move with teens – Arm yourself with patience and understanding

We as professional movers will give you tips on packing, but the most important thing is that you mustn’t forget their favorite things. Now if you forget their favorite things and they asked you not to, oh boy you’re in great trouble. Especially if your teens are anxious or sensitive, they might develop a grudge towards you or the new house. These things might seem like junk or unnecessary but for them, they might represent an emotional priceless emotional memory. You can’t even imagine how smell is important to them. So if you had a perfume that reminded them of the good old days, spray their new room with it.

Now because you’re moving to another state be sure that your furniture will arrive before you. You should make sure that most of the things come before you. If you want everything cozy you can hire unpacking services. Most of the cross country movers Florida can tell you that this is quite important because you want to sleep well in your familiar bed. This is also important for your teens because they’ll feel more connected with the new house when they see all of their things. Especially if they have their a new room which looks like new but the smell is there. In the end, take time and do it all slowly, don’t rush anything, and let them get the closure that they need. Also, give them time to say goodbye to their old house in their “own” way.

Goodbye printed on small pieces of appaer with schissors next to them;
Prepare for your Miami to San Francisco move with teens – Let them say a proper goodbye to their friends.

Prepare them for the new school, but let them stay in touch with their old friends

The part that will most likely interest them is their new school. This is as you know from life quite stressful and similar to changing a job. So the best time to move for both you and your teens is during a summer break. If you were moving locally you could have avoided this but moving this far away will be stressful for them, no doubt. Now if you move during a summer break they’ll probably meet some of the neighbors and their kids. That’s great if they make new friends especially if they’re attending the same classes together. Now if this isn’t the case then or if you have to move during the regular part of the year, this can be tricky. You should hire a private teacher so they don’t fall behind.

Nowadays it isn’t hard for long-distance relationships to survive, why would friendship be? We’ll if your kids already have their “first kiss” or “crush” this will be extra stress on them. So when it comes to friendships and relationships in general technology is the answer. Yes, they’ll probably lose many best friends and familiar neighbors but that’s just all a part of growing up. By encouraging your teen to maintain these connections, you may make this process simpler. This will help you prepare for your Miami to San Francisco move with teens and make it easy on them because they will know that they will see their old friends again. Make sure that they hear with each other regularly since everyone has:

  • Phone
  • Laptop
  • PC
  • Tablet
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat

There are many more, so as you can see long-distance communication isn’t a problem.

two people on a video call discussing how to prepare for your Miami to San Francisco move with teens;
Nowadays it’s much easier to maintain old relationships because of technology. Teens can make video calls and they’re communicating all the time thanks to the availability of phones.

The conclusion for your Miami to San Francisco move with teens

We hope that this article helped you with how to prepare for your Miami to San Francisco move with teens. If you are not sure about anything call a professional psychiatrist they’ll know what to do. Moving to another block can be stressful, just imagine moving over 3,000 miles to a whole new state. Thank you for reading this post and we hope that you and your whole family will have a stress-free move.