How to prepare your dog for relocating from Miami to San Francisco

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Finding a perfect home for your family and moving into it is often very stressful. If you have a pet, it too has needs that you have to take into account. Most of us treat our pets almost like other family members. Their well-being and happiness are often one of the priorities when relocating. Luckily, Nationwidemovers are here to help you prepare your dog for relocating from Miami to San Francisco.

A basic guide on how to prepare your dog for relocating from Miami to San Francisco

Even though relocating with a pet is hard, it’s far from impossible. Doing research and gathering advice is very helpful, and can make a huge difference. No one knows how to successfully move your dog over such a long distance better than long distance moving companies Florida. The tips they advise to always implement include:

  • Start planning your relocation
  • Do a health checkup on your dog
  • Choose how you’re going to transport your dog
  • Make sure your destination is ready for your pet
  • Final tip – prepare your dog for relocating from Miami to San Francisco by hiring a pet transportation company
A dog enjoys the breeze while riding in the car.
Dogs easily get stressed out when moving, so always keep an eye on them.

Planning is essential to make sure your pet is ready to relocate

The earlier you begin planning, the better. There’s a lot to consider when relocating with pets. When pets sense that change is on the way, they may become uneasy or cling to express their worry.

It’s preferable if one of your family members is in charge of your pet’s care. Your dogs will feel safer if they have a soothing companion with them throughout the operation. Sticking to his regular schedule and delaying the packing of his possessions as long as feasible would also assist.

Check your dog’s health before the move

Certain paperwork about your pet’s health may be required depending on your mode of transportation and where you’ll be moving to. Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to get everything in order once you’ve identified the prerequisites. Keep the documents in a safe place while you’re traveling in case you need to present them.

Choose a transport option

When moving from Miami to San Francisco choosing the right transportation option for your pet is essential. You can travel by land or by air, but whichever method you use, make sure your dog is comfortable and that you have treats or toys on hand throughout the journey.

Land travel

When it comes to minimizing separation or travel anxiety in your dog, road trips are typically the best option. It will also alleviate your anxieties. You will not have to give over your dog to be crated and transported, and you will be with them during the journey. You’ll need to do some research and verify what the pet policy is with the bus line if you choose to go with the bus. Most bus/van transportation options are transparent about allowing your beloved dog on board.

Veterenarians prepare your dog for relocating from Miami to San Francisco
It’s important to prepare your dog for relocating from Miami to San Francisco by bringing him to the vet for check-up.

Air travel

Air travel will be the quickest mode of transportation, but there are a few things to keep in mind. If you have a smaller dog under 20 pounds usually you have the option to bring your small dog into the main cabin. When that’s not the case, you’ll have to take all the precautions to make sure your dog is prepared for the flight. If your dog has never flown in a plane, before, you can’t be certain that they will react well to the noise, air pressure changes, people, and the crate.

Flying may be traumatic for a dog of any age, but the vast majority of them make it to their new home safely! Remember to investigate airline restrictions, contact your veterinarian, and decide what would be the most comfortable for your dog.

Dog-proof your new home once you arrive

Now, your dog should be safely on the way to your new house, but, that’s not the end of your worries. Once the furniture and other stuff arrive a few things can go wrong. You or the movers will have to unpack everything and put it in its place. The last thing you want is someone carrying a couch trip on the dog. That often happens when the dog is wandering around and can hurt your dog.

Set up a calm space for your pet away from the unpacking activities when you arrive at your new house. Make a haven for him with a bed or crate and a handful of his favorite toys. This can help him unwind and settle in. Also, make sure the dog can’t escape or get hurt by an object inside your home.

Hire a pet transportation company to relocate your dog from Miami to San Francisco

If you won’t be able to accompany your pet throughout the move, hiring a pet transportation service might be beneficial. These businesses provide door-to-door service, picking up and delivering your pet from your house.

It’s important to determine if you or the agent you employ will be accountable for a couple of things when shipping an unattended pet. Those things include providing the shipping container, providing all required health documents, delivering the pet to be transported, paying the shipping charges, signing the shipping papers, and picking up the pet at the destination.

A dog sits on a table
Make sure your new home is ready for your dog.


There are many good ways to prepare your dog for a move. However, even if you do everything correctly, odds are that your dog will need some time to adapt and get used to your new home. Hopefully, our tips on how to prepare your dog for relocating from Miami to San Francisco will help you have an exciting and less stressful move. Feel free to contact AmeriSafe Moving Services for more information, we are always happy to help!