How to save enough money before moving long distance

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You are moving again and you must make a plan, pack, and find state to state movers Florida. But what often keeps us at bay is the moving budget. So let us help you save enough money before moving long distance or at least cut some costs and stretch your budget enough to cover all the basic moving services. Let’s go!

Find the right moving company

The first step on your relocation adventure is to assemble a moving checklist. After you do it, then you can search for movers. So, let us begin with a thorough home inspection. You want to inspect the environment first to be sure it is a safe one where your movers can work. While doing it, note down all the assets and furniture. If you do it right, you’ll know the exact number of belongings you must pack and the number of packing materials required. Also, include robust pieces like a piano, if you have one.

Reusable supplies will save enough money before moving long distance
Find a cheap but reliable moving company.

And now when you have the basic info, call your Nationwidemovers and let them use it wisely. With your findings, they will assemble the most affordable and the safest moving endeavor possible. And they will advise you where you can save enough money before moving long distance by using some of the moving services, or if you do some things by yourself.

Chase discounts and better prices

You must know that your long distance movers Delray Beach offer discounts and better prices from time to time. This means you must follow trends and check what the moving industry has to offer from time to time. On the other hand, some moving companies keep lower prices all the time. This does not mean they are a fraudulent company. But they must have a bit lower price to attract customers because they are still building their fanbase and they are not on the market long enough. So be sure to follow changes and compare prices, read reviews, and chase discounts.

A free moving estimate will save enough money before moving long distance

Right from the start, after inspecting your home, you’ll have a wage idea of all the moving costs. But to find out what is the real price, you must consult with your moving representative. Therefore, you must utilize free onsite estimates. Schedule a visit and your movers will come over and check the situation. They will make your curb and the street walkable and free to set up a loading dock. Then they will inspect the whole area to be sure it is safe and to realize what kind of tools they need to use for this relocation. Finally, they will weigh your tools to know how many people to send over, how many hours to invest, and if there are any special tools needed.

Three people talking in front of the house
Onsite estimates will tell you the exact moving price.

Yes, you can schedule your move over the phone and on their website but if you want to obtain the exact numbers, onsite estimates are the ultimate solution.

Make it easier with proper decluttering

Supposedly, you will pack yourself because it will save the most of your moving budget. But, if you decide to let your movers cover this one, be sure to check packing services Florida as the best service out there. Now, if you are packing alone, you must obtain the packing materials first. Obtain the following:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Packing paper
  • Blister packs
  • Labels
Two people shuffling through old stuff
Decluttering and downsizing will reduce your moving cost significantly.

Now, those are the mandatory ones. You can always find a substitution for it. Blankets instead of blister packs. Add a few suitcases, garbage bags, and plastic containers you have at home as well. Now, while packing you must declutter as well. This one is extremely important. Because if you downsize heavily you can save a lot on your moving cost. Evaluate your situation and set aside all those items you do not need anymore. Do you need that old fridge, TV, a lamp, and a couch that clutters your attic and a garage for years now? Of course not. So, you can donate, sell online, recycle, or simply throw away. The less you have, the less you move. Think about it and you will save enough money before moving long distance.

Negotiate with movers to save enough money before moving long distance

Ok, maybe you did not know, but you have every right to negotiate with your moving company. Maybe you’ll get a 10% discount on the overall moving price, maybe nothing. But at least you tried. And keep in mind that negotiation works better and you have more chance of success in a non-peak season which is over autumn and winter. Movers have less work during that period and they would agree to anything to keep the ball rolling. You can use that to your advantage and ask for a discount. Maybe you won’t get a lower price, but they can at least toss in a free service or an extra pair of hands.

Cover legalities as well

If you make a mistake with the legal aspect of this story it might cost you a lot. Therefore, you must cover this one in due time. Some legalities take a longer time to transfer to start at least a month in advance. Usually, those are hard copies. So, cover your IDs, driver’s license, medical records, credit cards, internet services, cellphone provider, and postal services. Set up your PO box as soon as you can and reroute your mail, magazine, and medical prescriptions.

Now you know a few ways on how to save enough money before moving long distance. Sadly, relocation has a certain price you can’t avoid. Even if you know how to drive a moving truck and you rent one, it will be almost the same. So, you must carefully calculate your budget and apply some of the solutions we explained above. Good luck.