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Have you decided to move from Florida, and your final choice is Arizona? In that case, you’ll probably need help with your upcoming move. And whom better to hire to assist you in all relocation endeavors than AmeriSafe Moving Services – a full-service moving broker that will help you avoid moving scams and find suitable moving services that will match your relocation requirements and keep your belongings safe and sound? Moving from Miami to Arizona will be seamless with us by your side. So, don’t wait – contact us and find your perfect match in no time.

A happy family moving from Miami to Arizona
Moving from Miami to Arizona can be a stress-free and pleasant experience.

Moving from Miami to Arizona with AmeriSafe Moving Services is a next-level experience

The common phrase “relocation is difficult” doesn’t apply to our AmeriSafe Moving Services. That phrase does not exist in our relocation dictionary. We are a full-service moving broker that will remove all the stress that relocation may impose – and when we say all the stress, we really mean that. Since we completely understand all the challenges you may face during the move, we’ve developed a strong database of the best motor carriers throughout the United States. With us by your side, you’ll never have to worry about moving scams, unexpected expenses, and the safety of your belongings.

All the movers are fully licensed and insured. The thing you should know about us is that there’s no distance we can’t cross when it comes to your moving expectations. Besides, no matter the type of your move, or the range of special services you need, we are here to make your wishes come true and ensure you get a tailored moving experience without any hassle around. Yes, stress has left the house permanently.

Top-notch moving services are just a few clicks away!

Distance, complexity, special requirements, the number of your items, moving rules and regulations, tedious packing – we’ve got you covered with all these and more! Whatever comes to your mind when it comes to moving from Miami to Arizona, we can resolve this quickly and efficiently. The list of services you can find when hiring us is almost endless. We’ll get you matched with local, long-distance, interstate, residential, or commercial movers in Florida, but we’ll also make sure to find a suitable company that offers packing and storage solutions, as well as special services, throughout Florida. Need moving boxes – your wish is our command. All these services and more a just a call away from you – contact us at 855-967-0102 or fill in the form and schedule the finest moving services.

Distance is not a problem when collaborating with AmeriSafe Moving Services

No matter the distance, we’ll provide you with the most reliable motor carriers in Florida. Here are the services you can opt for:

However, services related to distance are not the only ones you can find in our offer. You can opt for both residential and commercial services Florida has to offer, or even special moving services.

A happy couple browsing on a laptop
With AmeriSafe Moving Services you won’t have to scroll down the net endlessly searching for trustworthy movers.

Moving house from Miami to Arizona is a piece of cake

Moving your home from one city to another is an emotional venture. And when you add all the moving tasks to it, it may turn into a nightmare. However, this won’t happen if you opt for the residential movers Florida offers we can find for you. All residential movers in Florida we choose are reliable, skilled, and devoted. They will do their best to ease the whole process not only by providing moving labor but also by helping you overcome the sentimental part of the relocation. And they’ll do that by helping you pack your belongings with utmost care and helping you declutter more easily. So, let us get you matched with the most trustworthy movers in Florida and ensure you have a stress-free moving experience.

Moving your business won’t affect the success of it

Just imagine the situation where you have to balance between maintaining your business and dealing with the relocation tasks – such a brain overload, but not when you have AmeriSafe Moving Services next to you. We will make sure to help you find the perfect commercial moving services in Florida that will be customized to your business. What’s more, you won’t have to stop with your business since commercial movers Florida teams, which we deal with, will pack and move your belongings without any interruptions. And most importantly, you and your employees won’t have to lift a finger (unless you want to, of course).

Pack like a pro

Packing is said to be one of the most tedious processes, but when you have professional movers and packers by your side, the packing will be enjoyable. And where better to find packing services Florida movers offers and the best movers, than on our website? After following the newest moving and packing trends, we’ve carefully chosen the companies which offer the best packing solutions.

All the companies we have chosen offer the latest packing equipment and the safest packing methods. However, these packing services won’t only ease the packing process and ensure the safety of your valuable items. If you choose Florida movers and packers from our database, you can expect them to use every inch of the moving truck. All in all, your items will be packed like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, and all based on your home floor plan so you can move in quickly without much mess.

A person packing a glass
Our associates will make sure your belongings are always in good hands.

Need Moving boxes?

Since one of the most common packing problems is where to pack up your belongings, we at AmeriSafe Moving Services decided to help you find reliable professionals for moving supplies Florida offers. They’ll take care of your valuable belongings no matter the size, weight of your belongings, and level of protection you need. If you choose this service, you’ll ensure the full protection of your items.

Store your belongings safely before or after moving from Florida to Arizona

Living in a temporary home? Renovating your house? Just moved? Need to declutter your belongings? If the answer is ‘yes’ it means you need a secure place to store your belongings. Don’t know how to choose a suitable one? AmeriSafe Moving Services has a perfect solution. Book some of the best storage Florida has to offer. We’ll help you find the safest storage units for storing any type of item. Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term storage units, we are the company to rely on. Our storage services are available nationaland include all options. So, contact us and ensure the full protection of your stuff.

Think the list of services ends here? Then you should check out the following.

Special moving services are at your disposal when moving from Miami to Arizona

Besides regular moving services that can solve almost any moving challenge, you may need additional help. In that case, you should opt for special moving services. Wonder when to choose more than regular ones? Check the following:

  • moving a piano
  • moving a pool Table
  • possess fine art
  • need to move a vehicle
  • you are a student
  • you’re a senior

If some of these are related to your upcoming relocation, then special services are the right match.

A couple looking at the laptop considering the factors for moving from Miami to Arizona
Double-check all the factors before making a final decision to move.

Moving from Miami to Arizona: factors to consider

Leaving Miami may be pretty sentimental. However, Arizona has a lot to offer too. So, before relocating from Miami to Arizona, you should consider several factors. These factors include:

  • Lifestyle: Check whether Arizona suits your way of living
  • Affordability: Check whether Arizona is affordable enough for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Job opportunities: If you haven’t got a job before the actual move, check the job market and whether the industries suit your profession.
  • Education system: This is of high importance if you have children.
  • Outdoor and recreational opportunities: The quality of your lifestyle will be defined by the opportunity Arizona offers.
  • Transpiration system: Great commuting time will hugely impact the overall quality of your life.

Arizona: what to expect

Breathtaking Arizona is located in the southwestern US and is mostly famous for the Grand Canyon. Namely, it got its nickname The Grand Canyon State. However, its jaw-dropping natural beauty is not the only thing that makes Arizona appealing to move to. Affordable housing, a thriving job market, high-quality education, top-notch healthcare, and many other features, make Arizona a perfect place to start a new life. It is suitable for young adults, families, seniors, and students, thanks to the abundance of life opportunities. It is home to incredible cities, and the weather is fantastic all year round.

Cost of living

Life in the state of Arizona is very affordable. In comparison to Miami, Arizona is 15,8% cheaper. And in comparison to Florida, Arizona is 3.5% cheaper. It is estimated that Arizona residents should earn at least $5,300 monthly for a comfortable life. When it comes to median household income, Niche says it is $65,913, whereas the nationalaverage is about $69,021. So, if Arizona sounds affordable to you, consider hiring moving services from our database and moving like a pro.

The weather

The most common factor people consider when moving is the weather. However, it is hard to define the exact weather in Arizona since it has multiple climates, from semi-arid to arid, humid, etc. Summers are hot, but if you’ve lived in Florida, summers won’t be a problem. However, you’ll have to adapt to dry summers in Arizona.

Job market

Did you know that Arizona is called the “Silicon Desert” thanks to its openness to innovation? There are endless job opportunities in various industries such as high-tech, aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare, mining, agriculture, tourism, etc. Arizona is home to Apple, Amazon, Uber, and many other successful companies. The unemployment rate is low, about 4%.

Downtown Phoenix
Phoenix is one of the best places to live in Arizona

Best places to live in Arizona

  1. Phoenix: It is almost always great to live in the capital city. And Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the best places to live. As its name suggests, here you can completely “resurrect” your life thanks to its business-friendly atmosphere, family-friendly vibe, and community feel.
  2. Chandler: Perfect for retirees. It is a safe city, cozy and calm, surrounded by beautiful nature. It is also suitable for families with children.
  3. Scottsdale: If you want to live in a city that has a mixture of old and new, then Scottsdale is a perfect match.
  4. Paradise Valley: Its name says it all. It’s perfect for those who like to live a rich lifestyle.
  5. Gilbert: Things that define this city are the safety, great public schools, a high median income, reasonable rental prices, amazing weather, natural beauty, and many other things. What else to wish for?

Moving from Miami to Arizona: cost

It is very difficult to give you a precise answer on the moving costs since they depend on several factors, such as the size, weight, and number of your belongings. Besides, the distance and the complexity will largely impact the overall price. It can be said that an average cost varies from $1,900 to $os7, 600, depending on the factors mentioned above. For additional precision, get moving quotes from your moving company.

A mover holding an inventory list next to boxes for moving from Miami to Arizona
It’s always best to contact the movers directly for precise price points, once you find the best ones with our help.

Contact us and get premium moving services

Moving from Miami to Arizona will be an exceptional experience if you choose AmeriSafe Moving Services. We will be glad to assist you in your moving process. Contact us and we will make a great foundation for your upcoming move by connecting you to the best motor carriers nationwide. State your moving requirements and get tailored moving services no matter the distance and complexity of your relocation.