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Moving is something that everyone remembers fondly once it’s done. People make so many loveable memories when they move places. Moreover, it allows families to start anew and fresh in a new place! It’s a similar story when it comes to moving from Miami to New Jersey. What’s even better, lots of people are doing it! You are not alone in this. And with the help of AmeriSafe Moving Services (and our contacts), it won’t be long before you’re in The Garden State. We can guarantee to match you with the best and most professional movers that will provide a safe, fast, and reliable relocation. Call us today to receive your free moving estimation. Having this kind of help and free advice is going to allow you to relocate in no time, giving you lots of time to get started in New Jersey.

A moving company's team agreeing on something and holding hands together
Our professional staff ensures that all of the moving companies are properly checked and vetted according to our strict criteria.

Make the right choice with AmeriSafe Moving Services

Hiring a specific moving company over us might seem like a sensible decision. However, that might not be the best kind to do in this situation. There are around 1,300 miles between Miami and New Jersey. You want to have the help of professionals when embarking on this kind of move. That is exactly why we offer professionals, not a professional. We carefully pick who we partner with to offer relocation services. We have several moving companies that offer New Jersey to Miami relocations. With so many options, you will absolutely find someone who can help you relocate. These companies’ moving services can provide you with everything you need for a quality move to New Jersey. What’s more, they also have lots of different additional extra services at your disposal.

You are guaranteed professional, precise, and principled movers from us

We try to implement our 3P Foundation in everything that we do. It stands for: professionalism, precision, and principles. When we pick the companies that we work with, we make sure they also share the same values. This assures that we can offer quality moving services across the board, no matter which of our partners you pick. You can read more about us, and here’s exactly what our work ethic means for you when you are moving from Miami to New Jersey:

  • Professionalism: we will suggest you a list of some of the best moving companies in the country. We have strict criteria when it comes to choosing who we work with, and we’re committed that it staying that way. You can always trust the movers you found through us, to be honest, and professional.
  • Precise: thanks to the strict selection process, we can vouch that any mover you select will get the job done quickly and efficiently. The deadlines are going to be respected at met 100% — always.
  • Principles: movers you pick will be completely committed to the task at hand. You can trust them to get the job done and always put in their maximum when helping you with moving from Miami to New Jersey.
A man leaning against a moving company's truck.
The moving companies we work with have some of the best workforces you will ever find.

Picking the best movers for moving from Miami to New Jersey from our list

We provide you with elaborate listings of some of the best Miami to New Jersey movers on the market. This serves to help you someone that fits your needs perfectly. Otherwise, it can be hard to find a perfect match. You’ll always have something missing, be it the price, the company’s service, or anything else. But it’s different when you have a list of great movers you can trust. It just boils down to picking the best one that suits your needs. This is also going to keep the price down, as you can get free moving estimates and compare the results. This results in:

  1. Much cheaper relocation,
  2. Quality moving services you won’t find elsewhere
  3. Timely and professional relocation.

Moreover, all of the moving companies we offer are 100% legal, vetted, and checked for the strict standards of the industry. You won’t have to worry about who are you hiring if you hire them through us. That’s one of the biggest benefits of using moving brokers as your starting point for moving from Miami to New Jersey. The moving industry can be hard to navigate, but when you have someone you can trust it gets better. That’s why we are committed to providing you with only the best, cheap, and most professional moving services. We always try to bring variety to our list of choices, so your move to New Jersey can be flawless. Moreover, we try to expand the list our movers may offer you, to make sure we’re meeting the needs of even the most demanding customers.

A man signing a document, potentially about moving to New Jersey from Miami.
Our free moving estimates will allow you to find a cheap moving company through us.

Enjoy our services when moving from Miami to New Jersey

As a moving broker, we can find you movers that specialize in different things so you’ll be sure to have everything you need. That usually won’t be matched by a single moving company. Depending on which of our partner companies you choose, you can expect:

You can handpick what services you are going to require, and let the moving company know. Afterward, they will come up with a good moving plan to meet all your demands. It’s that easy! Moreover, if a specific company cannot meet your demands, you can always select a new one through us. By going through this process, you’ll end up with a specific moving company that’s the best match based on your needs.

What to expect when moving from Miami to New Jersey

Moving to New Jersey is going to require a number of special services. That’s why picking one of our moving companies is going to ensure all these demands. But what will it look like? Well, New Jersey is similar and different to Miami in some aspects. Naturally, it depends on what New Jersey city you’ve chosen. There are a lot of great options, and we will recommend some of the more popular ones. Other than that, you might want to learn more about the housing market comparison, as well as the job opportunities, education standards, and so on. Thanks to the huge experience of our partners, they can give you information that most of the people moving to NJ from Miami want to know.

A woman taking some boxes next to some moving boxes
Moving with a professional moving company is more relaxing and easy than you could imagine.

You will be able to find better housing options in New Jersey

Miami is notoriously expensive. For example, according to RedFin data, Miami property prices were up 8.5% year on year in December 2022, with a median price of $510K. On the other hand, you will find more varied choices in New Jersey. During the same period, the average house prices in New Jersey were around $430. That’s around $80,000 cheaper when compared to Miami. Naturally, this will also depend on what part of New Jersey you want to live in. Smaller communities will offer much better prices, while bigger metropolises will require you to pay more. For example, Jersey City’s average house price is around $610K. That’s a lot more than the numbers in Miami, albeit living in Jersey City does come with a lot of advantages. In the end, it depends on what you want from your NJ relocation.

Enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle in smaller New Jersey communities

It can be suffocating to live in Miami since it has over 400,000 residents. That’s why New Jersey is an excellent opportunity if you want to escape the so-called ‘urban hell’. Pick one of the lovely smaller communities in New Jersey and experience what it means to live in peace and quiet! For example, Summit is a great city to consider. It has only around 21,000 residents, a lot smaller than Miami – which we think you will value. Summit offers a great selection of top schools, affordable housing options, and many places for family activities. It can be quite refreshing to live in a much different environment than what you were used to in Miami, and moving to New Jersey can be an excellent opportunity for this.

A boy blowing on a dandelion.
After moving from Miami to New Jersey into a smaller community, you’ll gain more freedom.

Consider moving to Montclair for the best of the two worlds

Many people think that moving to a smaller community means that you have to give up all the advantages of living in a big city. That’s not true, and Montclair is an excellent example, being only half an hour from NYC’s Manhattan! You get to enjoy living in a small, laid-back peaceful community, while still having access to one of the world’s most famous cities – New York City. That can be a great combination! However, due to the fact that Montclair is in such a great position, and that it offers great job opportunities, the costs are higher. For example, you can expect to find an average house in Montclair for around $750,000. That’s a great number compared to what you get, but it is a significant amount you need to think of.

A look at crime statistics you should have in mind when moving from Miami to New Jersey

It’s not all about choosing the place with the best average house prices and location. According to Miami’s profile on Neighborhood Scout, Miami has one of the highest crime rates in America. Its crime rate of 35 per thousand population, when compared to all communities of all sizes, from the smallest towns to the very largest cities, is one of the biggest you’ll ever find. That means that Miami is not very safe to live in when compared to other places. However, on the other hand, has a much better positive image. According to Neighborhood Scout, you should consider the following cities to maximize crime rate safety:

  1. Strathmere — a small coastal city in southern New Jersey known for its gorgeous beaches and peaceful residential environment.
  2. Windsor — a tiny rural town in central New Jersey recognized for its scenic landscape and accessibility to larger cities.
  3. Hancocks Bridge  — a small, historic CDP  in southern New Jersey with a strong feeling of community and a rich cultural past.
  4. Three Bridges — a tiny suburban community in central NJ recognized for its easy access to major highways and solid school system.
  5. Skillman — a tiny, affluent community in central New Jersey known for its luxury houses and top-rated public schools.

If safety from crimes is a major concern for you, then moving to New Jersey is going to be a good option.

Happy family hugging after moving from Florida to New Jersey
Lots of families prefer to live in safe areas, and New Jersey happens to be a great option for that!

Pick a New Jersey community that best suits your needs

Even though these are all fine choices, in the end, it depends on what kind of life you want to start in New Jersey. There’s a lot to choose from, so you should take your time with it. What we are sure of, however, is that the moving company you pick will be able to relocate you there quickly. After all, our positive customer reviews speak for themselves! We have been on the market for quite some time already, and simply know how to organize a good relocation with one of the movers we work with. One big advantage of being a moving broker company is that we work with a ton of different people. That helps us help you with networking, also known as connecting you with the right people, or in this case — the right moving companies to help you relocate.

Let us provide you with moving quotes for your NJ relocation

Once you’re confident you know what you want out of moving from Miami to New Jersey, give us a call! Even if you aren’t, one of the moving companies we work with can probably help you settle down in a specific place in New Jersey. Moving from Miami to New Jersey can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to the fact we offer free moving estimates, you can better plan and prepare for your relocation. So, contact us as soon as possible and we’ll come up with a good moving plan that will fit your needs. We are confident that one of the many companies we work with will be able to meet any of the demands you may want.