Moving your book collection: tips&tricks

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Certainly, we all like to bring everything when moving to a new place. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Mostly, you are to choose what is really relevant. Downsizing is a crucial part of the relocation. If you are a fan of reading, moving your book collection could be a problem. No one likes to leave books behind. How to choose? Maybe one day you’d like to read some books again. Furthermore, safe transportation of your books is your prime goal. Therefore, the best would be to rely on the moving companies in Florida. Generally speaking, devote yourself to preparation and safe packing. Consider every detail.

Choose what books you plan to keep

First and foremost, take a good look at your book collection. Decide what books you no longer need. Opt for the most valuable books you can’t leave. At least a few books will find a new owner.

  • local library
  • nursing home
  • school
  • friends and neighbors

In case you feel sad, just think about the satisfaction someone will feel when holding your book. On the other hand, put aside one or two books to have something to read. Before the journey, or during the journey. Remember, reading can relax you significantly.

Find adequate packing supplies when moving your book collection

Start searching for the boxes you need to relocate your books. By all means, use small boxes. After all, books are heavy. You can’t overload boxes. Who will lift them? In case you’re not sure where you can obtain adequate boxes, contact professionals. Moreover, you can use rolling suitcases for transport. They’re sturdy. A lot of space is available. At the same time, wheels facilitate transportation to and from the moving truck. Hence, don’t discard this idea.

Prepare well for packing

Firstly, separate books into two categories. Hardcover books and paperbacks are the main categories. Secondly, organize your book collection you plan to transport by size, shape, and color. This will facilitate the packing process significantly.

Then, pay attention to the weight. Remember, place the heaviest books at the bottom. Last not but least, consider the position of the books in the boxes. They can go flat on their backs, standing up or with spines down. With all this in mind, mix all these positions to get the most of the boxes. For instance, hardcover books usually stand upright with the spine next to the side of the box. On the contrary, paperback books can go on top of each other inside the boxes.

when moving your book collection let someone carefully put books in the box
Make sure to carefully place the books inside the box. Arrange them in different categories. Use the maximum of the space.

Make sure to pack your books carefully

To begin with, place the layer of bubble wrap at the bottom of the box. Put the heaviest books first. Fill the boxes up to about 75 % of the space. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should leave it like that. The books could tumble around or rip when moving from Florida to California. Therefore, fill the rest of the space with light clothes, towels, packing paper. Thus, the books will be protected from moving inside the box. Moreover, the box won’t be too heavy. Then, secure the boxes with packing tape. Use double layers of packing tape to achieve extra protection. Finally, label the boxes.

a man and woman opening the box labeled with the word BOOKS
Label the boxes when moving your book collection. It will ease up unpacking and settling in the new place.

If necessary, use the storage

In case you’re using storage, extra preparation is required. Bear in mind, preparation for moving and storage differs. Books are easily damaged. Mold is frequent. The more they stay in storage units, the possibility of damage increases. Therefore, pay special attention to the safety of your books when using storage units. What can you do?

  • use packing paper – Put the paper between the pages. Also, wrap the books using packing paper. Its excellent protection from moisture.
  • find waterproof boxes – Invest in plastic storage bins. Avoid cardboard boxes. Especially those with handle holes. This way the way for moisture and pest is open.
  • keep the boxes off the ground – In case of floods, the book collection will be protected.
  • opt for climate-controlled storage – Due to the sensitivity of books, these storage units protect from moisture, mold, and pests.

Pack and unpack early on

Handle your books as early as possible. Thus, free up space. You’ll have more space to arrange the packing of other items. Also, when arriving at your new home start unpacking your books as soon as possible. Labeling should be of great help now. If done right, now it will be easy to place the books in the desired order. Since you probably have lots of leftover moving boxes, don’t worry. Be imaginative, find various purposes for them.

Take care of highly valued books

Of course, there’s always a monetary value of certain books. Some books are valued more if they are a signed copy or they’re the first edition. Still, the sentimental value is more important. Thus, make sure to additionally protect these books. Find the best way to pack. For instance, you can use stiff cardboard between the books. This protects their spines and covers. Moreover, packing paper protects books from dust and debris. Thus, wrap these books in the packing paper. Also, pay special attention to protect old books.

woman wrapping the book in packing paper
Us the necessary material to protect each book. Only then will you be sure the transport will go smoothly.

Relax at the new place while reading your favorite book

All things considered, moving your book collection requires careful preparation. Thus, decide which books you plan to leave behind. Collect the boxes specialized for books. Pack them with special care. Safe transportation is crucial. Also, make extra preparations when you are to store your book collection. After all, books are quite fragile. Thus, you must treat them cautiously. After successful transportation, fill the shelves of the new home with your favorite books. Read and enjoy your new life.