New York vs New Jersey – where do people from Miami move to?

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Moving is a process full of excitement. However, it’s not always easy to relocate from one state to another. For Miami residents, the final destination category is New York and New Jersey. Both states are unique and charming in their own ways, but why would people from Miami choose one over the other? In this article, we will discuss the New York vs New Jersey dilemma and what is the most appealing to the people of Miami. Additionally, if you want a professional and safe relocation, hire AmeriSafe Moving Services Florida as your high-quality choice.

New York vs New Jersey: what to expect?

Relocation comes with a few complications. Therefore, there are a few things to consider before making this step. Relocation calls for changing of lifestyle you currently know, thus, come prepared. Here are some examples of what you should consider before relocation:

  • Cost of living
  • Job market
  • Overall environment
  • Culture of the state

The reasons for relocation can be many. Some people want a change of the environment, a better job, a new space of living, new landscapes, and plenty more. The categories we listed are just some of them. These are pretty big categories and we need to explain them individually for each state. To have an easy relocation and be prepared for it, our credible cross country movers Florida team will help you out instantly.

a person writing statistics between new york vs new jersey
Make a plan before deciding between New York vs New Jersey

What to expect from New York?

It’s not easy to decide and call movers Florida to NY team and come here. However, it will benefit you in different ways! You will meet so many new people, be introduced to a new working environment, and will meet world-famous attractions. All of that is in a new state that you can call home! Let us see what New York has to offer.

Cost of living

Known for its high standard of living, you can expect a slight increase in the cost of living when you move to New York. An average person spends around $1506 without a rant. This price includes spending on daily necessities that you need to buy every day. Utilities will cost you around $1922 dollars per month for a one-bedroom apartment. The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1602. If we do the calculations right, your total cost will be approximately $5030 for living in the one-bedroom apartment.

Everyone is coming up with different ways to make their life more affordable. Luckily, New York has such cities that you should definitely consider. Some of those cities are:

  • Albany
  • Buffalo
  • Hudson
  • Saratoga Springs

The charms of New York are endless and these cities are some of them. Of course, you cannot forget the great New York City which everyone wants to live in or even just visit. However, you should choose where you want to live based on personal preferences. Also, keep in mind that you won’t have to buy any additional supplies for your new house because you can always rely on the reliable packing services Florida movers offer that will help you out instantly.

Job Market

Another very important thing to take into consideration when moving from Miami to NY is the job market. New York’s job market is thriving and is always seeking new employers every day. The top three industries in New York are:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Finances

For example, the most popular jobs in these fields were nurse with an annual salary of $93,320, real estate agent with an annual salary of $82,020, and finally, administrative assistant with an annual salary of $44,570. These jobs can be appealing to many residents of Miami who are already engaged in these fields or plan to find a new position. 

buildings in new york city and jobs as a crucial part of New York vs New Jersey dilemma
Job is usually the first thing that people seek when moving


The climate and environment of New York and Miami are different. A change in environment can have a huge impact on a person. It can take some time for a resident of Miami to accommodate a different climate. A new climate can also have an impact on a person’s health. That’s why you should know something about New York’s environment. New York is known for its humid continental climate, famous for hot summers and cold winters. The average degree in the state of New York is 45 degrees on an annual level. The range can go from 39 degrees all the way to 55 degrees in New York. On the contrary, Miami is best known for its hot weather and summers. The temperature rarely drops below 59 degrees. The specific challenge will be a change of environment and weather from Miami to New York.

Culture and entertainment

New York’s culture and entertainment are vast. There are many things that you can enjoy and participate in when you move here. The officials of the State of New York offer an opportunity to get a hunting license. This is a great chance to explore New York’s wildlife and learn a new skill. You can either buy an annual license or a lifetime license. The choice is yours! Besides, you can also get an Empire pass, which gives access to all of New York’s parks! Additionally, you can see the famous Niagara Falls, New York’s oceanfront, and plenty more beautiful attractions. This is a great opportunity to see how much Florida and New York differ from each other when it comes to picturesque landscapes and sightseeing.

You cannot forget about the famous New York City. It’s the city that never sleeps, full of opportunities. It is also a cultural, political, and economic center of New York State. You can visit so many historical sights and the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park are just some of them. If you are attracted by art, you can always pay a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Arts and Broadway.

central park during daytime
You will absolutely fall in love with New York’s scenery

We cannot forget about Albany, a close neighbor to NYC. Albany is home to the New York State Museum and New York Capitol. The possibilities that Albany offers are endless! Washington Park is also a must-see! New York’s second-biggest city, Buffalo, offers interesting sights such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House, Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, and Buffalo AKG Art Museum. 

In conclusion, we can say that residents of Miami could be possibly attracted by New York’s mesmerizing sightseeing and the great possibilities that come with it. However, when choosing between New York vs New Jersey, you can never be sure since both states are equally amazing.

a picture of statue of liberty
Whatever you choose, either New York or New Jersey, you won’t make a mistake

What to expect from New Jersey?

As much as its neighbor is, New Jersey is full of surprises and wonderful places as well. It’s no wonder why so many people move to New Jersey each year. Not only is New Jersey a leader in premium educational opportunities, but it also has a growing job market and diverse lifestyle. We will take a look at how moving from Miami to New Jersey will benefit you. Reputable Florida to New Jersey movers know all tips and tricks that will make you feel at home in the new state.

Cost of living

Once you contact professional Miami to New Jersey movers to discuss all of the necessary details about relocation, you should consider a few factors. One of them is the cost of living. Compared to Florida, New Jersey is not drastically more expensive. A usual rent is $768, while an average person spends around $2097 for basic necessities. Utilities cost around $561. To sum up, you would spend around $3426. You can always look for affordable cities such as:

  • Newark
  • Trenton
  • East Orange

It’s a good idea to seek all of the available affordable options and our experienced commercial movers Florida team will help you in all of your endeavors.

Job market

Before checking out New Jersey’s job market let us consider one important thing. Many aspiring students seek the best possible education in order to find the best job after their studies. What if we told you that you can find both in New Jersey? One of the reasons people of Miami relocate to New Jersey is the world-famous Princeton University. This university gives so many options and opportunities in different job fields. It’s one of the best universities in the US for that reason!

The most popular jobs with the highest paying salaries in New Jersey are:

  • Software engineer
  • Engineering manager
  • Economist
  • Chief operating officer

These are just some examples of jobs with high popularity, but keep in mind there are plenty more. This just illustrates what New Jersey prepares for you.

students debating between new york vs new jersey
New Jersey is a leader when it comes to employment after studying

Health care

New Jersey takes pride in being a state with the best health care in the whole USA. You can expect the best treatment with highly ranked medical staff. You won’t have to worry about any medical examination when you move to New Jersey because you are in good hands. New Jersey hospitals are equipped with the newest technology and medical instruments which give you the best possible results! According to many different resources, 5 New Jersey hospitals made it to the list of high-quality medical facilities.

Culture and entertainment

New Jersey has something for everyone. From parks, museums, art galleries, and many more, you’ll spend the time of your life in some of New Jersey’s beautiful attractions! Many satisfied residents and tourists visited Liberty State Park in New Jersey. If you are an animal lover, you can always pay a visit to Cape May County Park & Zoo and Essex County Turtle Back Zoo to learn more about New Jersey’s wildlife and its environment. History geeks will absolutely fall in love with Thomas Edison National Historical Park and Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum. Visiting these sights will give you an insight into New Jersey’s culture which is not something residents of Miami is used to. It’s always highly encouraged to see the state’s historical and cultural background to know the state better.

As much as daytime is fun, nighttime has its charm too. If you want to explore the state in the evening, you should Atlantic City Boardwalk for excellent something opportunities and shiny casinos that will catch your attention immediately. If you want a relaxing night out with your friends, you can always visit Thirstys Sports Bar and Grill. Music enthusiasts will enjoy various nightclubs and concert arenas, thus, White Eagle Hall and Boogie Nights will be your favorite places. Moreover, even your little ones will enjoy various theme parks. Kids in New Jersey love Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park, Playland’s Castaway Cove, and Land of Make-Believe.

From this, we can conclude that New Jersey is a diverse city, full of places fit for different interests. People from various age groups can find a spot just for them and enjoy themselves. Thus, it might be hard for Miamians to decide where they will go. This state has excellent educational opportunities and vibrant culture and nightlife and cities.

a group pf friends picking out new york vs new jersey
You can find something for everyone in New Jersey

New York vs New Jersey – where will Miamians go?

To sum up, it’s a hard battle in choosing between New York vs New Jersey. The decisions will come down to your personal preferences. With careful research and this article, you will be able to find a perfect lifestyle suited for you. New York is a perfect choice for you if you are a fan of big cities and high-end life as a free-spirited individual. On the other hand, New Jersey is for you if you like more peaceful, family life in smaller communities. But of course, before relocation, you need to consult only the best movers in the business that will tailor your move to perfection. Whatever you choose and whatever your preference might be, our experienced moving company is here to help you out instantly. Have a happy move!