NYC Neighborhoods People From Florida Move To

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In recent years, many people from Florida have hired Florida movers to relocate to the Big Apple. The thrill of living in a big, busy city seems to be very alluring to many Florida residents. However, the real question is, what are some of the NYC neighborhoods people from Florida move to? New York City offers many possibilities, and choosing a neighborhood might prove quite challenging. Therefore, in this article, we will list some of the best and most popular neighborhoods for those who come from Florida to relocate to. Enjoy.

Choosing the best neighborhood

Before continuing, it might be good to know what are some of the most important factors when looking for a neighborhood to relocate to. Ideally, you should pick out a neighborhood and purchase a home well before moving from Miami to NYC. That way, everything will be prepared in due time. However, picking a neighborhood can depend on many factors. Of course, you will first need to know what you are looking for. What is your current lifestyle? Do you want a more peaceful area or somewhere with colorful nightlife? What are your future plans? It’s absolutely essential to consider these personal factors before you move.

the statue of liberty
New York City has been a very popular destination among Florida residents. So, here are some of the top NYC neighborhoods people from Florida move to.

Nevertheless, there are more important things you need to consider, which we will be focusing on in this article. In order to choose a neighborhood, you will need to do thorough research on the following:

  • Real estate prices – Whether you are on a budget or not, real estate prices are something you need to consider first.
  • Costs of living – Other costs of living such as groceries and utilities can play a significant role in the quality of life in a certain NYC neighborhood.
  • Job opportunities – If you are looking for employment, it would be best to do thorough research and see what NYC neighborhoods people from Florida move to for job purposes.
  • Safety – The safety of a neighborhood should be on your list of top priorities.
  • Free time activity options – If you have hobbies, make sure your new neighborhood has lots of places where you will be able to practice them.
  • Education options – If you are moving to NYC with a family, it might be a good idea to consider looking into schools that NYC has.
NYC at night
When it comes to choosing a neighborhood in NYC, the most important things to consider are the real estate prices, costs of living, safety, and job and educational opportunities.

Upper East Side, Manhattan is one of the most popular NYC neighborhoods people from Florida move to

Upper East Side is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Manhattan. It owes its fame to pop culture since the TV show Sex and the City has been mostly filmed here. Moreover, this part of NYC is known for its many museums. If you take a leisurely stroll through here, you will encounter some of the best museums New York City has to offer. Art lovers will be thrilled to know that they will find The Frick, the Smithsonian, and the Guggenheim collection in this part of the city.

Museums, the upscale atmosphere, and the many housing options are some of the advantages of living in the Upper East Side. However, the biggest cons are the terrible traffic and scarcity of parking places.

Costs of living

Upper East Side has a population of 146,882 residents. However, even though it is close to many colleges, it has an older demographic. Many retirees hire movers Florida to New York team to relocate here. Nevertheless, many residents of the Upper East Side rent their homes since the real estate prices the pretty high. Most can afford the median rent, which is $2,576. However, if you wish to own a home in the Upper East Side, you would need $1,507,729.

a view of Upper East Side as one of the NYC neighborhoods people from Florida move to
Upper East Side in Manhattan is a perfect place for retirees, young professionals, and families with children alike. But the real estate prices are quite high.

Who lives here?

As we mentioned, many retirees choose this part of town as their home. However, Upper East Side has been ranked highly on the lists of the best neighborhoods to raise a family in, and the best neighborhood for young professionals. Therefore. there are many families with children and young professionals who have relocated their businesses here with the help of commercial movers Florida. Apart from that, Upper East Side is one of the safest neighborhoods in New York City. Both property and violent crime rates are well below the nationalaverage. An excellent choice of private schools also makes this part of the city a perfect place to raise children. You will find some of the most prestigious schools like Trinity School and Regis High School right in your neighborhood.

Bayside, Queens

Bayside is one of those neighborhoods that gives its residents a feeling of mixed urban and suburban energy. The qualities of this waterfront neighborhood may be hard to find in other parts of New York City. It is a quiet, spacious, and safe area that is perfect for those who wish to leave the hustle of the big city behind. This is why elderly people hire moving services to help them relocate here. Furthermore, there are many housing options that are close to the excellent schools in this neighborhood. This is why Bayside is the perfect place for families and those who wish to exchange the big city fuss for the quietness you’ll be able to get here.

Real estate prices

Despite the fact that there are many available housing options, the 67,321 residents of Bayside prefer to rent their homes. The median rent here is $2,206, which is considered affordable due to the fact that the median household income is &94,096. On the other hand, the median home value is quite high. If you wish to own a home in Bayside, you would need $746,213.

a waterfront neighborhood
The atmosphere of Bayside can’t be found anywhere else in New York City. If you want a quiet, safe, and calm neighborhood, this may be the perfect place for you

Living in Bayside

Bayside is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in New York City, and one of the best ones to raise a family. If you are relocating here with your family and with the help of cross country movers Florida offers you’ll be happy to know that there are many excellent schools here. Some of the best public schools are Bronx High School of Science, Townsend Harris High School, and Highs School of American Studies at Lehman College.

Furthermore, living in Bayside is quite safe. Both violent and property crime rates are well below the nationalaverage. Therefore, living here with children can be quite enjoyable. Furthermore, Bayside has many restaurants, coffee shops, and parks where you can enjoy spending your free time. So, some of the advantages of this part of the city are the top-notch schools, safety, and the wide variety of homes to choose from. On the other hand, some may consider a con that Bayside is a long subway ride away from Brooklyn or Manhattan.

Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

This cozy and adorable neighborhood in Brooklyn is famous for some of the tastiest pizzas in NYC. If you love exploring new restaurants and trying out tasty dishes, this is one of the first things you should do after relocating here. Nevertheless, besides the tasty pizza, Brooklyn Heights has many more qualities that make it one of the best neighborhoods to live in in New York City.  Many young professionals and families choose to live here simply because of its beauty. There are beautiful streets everywhere, and many gorgeous parks. Furthermore, Brooklyn Heights is well connected by subway routes to the rest of NYC.

a view of a beautiful neighborhood
Brooklyn Heights is one of the NYC neighborhoods people from Florida move to because of its beauty. However, living in a beautiful neighborhood can be pricy

The costs of living in Brooklyn Heights

It comes as no surprise that the real estate prices here are through the roof. However, the percentage of those who own and those who rent their homes are almost equal. The median rent of $2,404 is almost the same as in the rest of New York City. However, the median home value is $1,151,763. But since most residents are highly educated and have a Master’s degree or higher, they earn enough to afford living here. Their median household income is $166,930.

Who lives here?

As one of the top-rated places on the list of the best neighborhoods to live in New York City, Brooklyn Heights is quite desirable by many. This is why many Apart from that, it also falls under the category of the best neighborhoods to raise a family in NYC and the best neighborhoods for young professionals. These are just one of the many reasons to move from Florida to New York. It is probably the reason why it gives its 20, 894 residents a dense urban feel. Moreover, it is one of the safest neighborhoods in New York City and has above-average schools.

Therefore, we can say that some of the best reasons to relocate to Brooklyn Heights are that it is a gorgeous neighborhood aesthetically, everything you might want is very close, and there are excellent public transportation routes. However, the cons might be the high real estate prices and the fact that it might be impossible to find a parking spot.

Financial District, Manhattan

Who hasn’t heard of the famous Financial District, or Wall Street? That’s why we saved the best for last. The heart of New York City is well-known for its enormous skyscrapers and high-rise buildings and excellent shopping possibilities. The fact that it is one of the most important places in the financial world, draws many young professionals to this neighborhood. Nevertheless, it’s not a spot where you can hope to find a neighborly vibe or vibrant nightlife.

Financial District
Financial District is one of the top NYC neighborhoods people from Florida move to since it is the heart of New York City.

Living in the Financial District

This part of New York City offers its 10,774 residents a dense urban feel. Most residents here rent their homes since the prices are higher than anywhere else in New York City. The median rent is $3,135 while the home values reach $1,256,362. The Financial District is in the top ten neighborhoods on lists that rate the best places for young professionals, raising a family or living in New York City. The median household income is $196,053. However, this is not the safest of NYC neighborhoods. Crimes like assault and theft are exceeding the nationalaverage.

a shopping mall in one of the NYC neighborhoods people from Florida choose to move to
The Financial District offers excellent shopping opportunities and an upscale lifestyle. However, everything closes very early, and the nightlife isn’t very colorful.

Nevertheless, if you choose to relocate here, you will be in the heart of NYC. Furthermore, there are many public transportation options and the shopping scene is excellent. However, some of the cons might be that this is the busiest part of town, and the nightlife is relatively poor since everything closes quite early.

There are a lot of NYC neighborhoods people from Florida choose to move to

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will know what are some of the best NYC neighborhoods people from Florida choose to move to and why. Every neighborhood has its charm and offers different possibilities. This is why we included neighborhoods that offer different things in this article. If you are looking to relocate to New York City yourself, you have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you want a quiet neighborhood or a vibrant one with colorful nightlife, you will surely find it here. It’s up to you to choose based on your needs and preferences.