Places in California to move to from Miami

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A lot of people would love to move to and start a new life in California; especially people from Miami because these two places share so many similarities. People in both states like beaches, the weather,  the great outdoors, dozens of theme parks, and the fact that it’s always sunny in both states. However, before you get in touch with one of the reliable moving companies, you should search for a place that suits your lifestyle and budget the most. That’s why AmeriSafe Moving Services Florida presents you with a list of places in California to move to from Miami. Let’s take a deep breath and dive into researching the best places just for you that California has to offer.

Sacramento – One of the best places in California to move to from Miami

According to our research, this is the best place for people moving in 2022. Sacramento as the capital of California is a perfect place with a population reaching just a bit over 520, 000. The median home price is $614,925 which is considered good for California.  Also, it’s a more family-oriented place and there are a lot of good schools here. The median household income is $83,189 and the median rent is $1,550 compared with last year it’s just a 3% increase. Now of the other hand household expenses are about $7,927 which is nothing compared to $13,251 in San Francisco. With the ongoing post-pandemic inflation these numbers aren’t that scary, but the winter is coming so be well prepared for it. Also, the unemployment rate is just 3.80% which is great compared to last year’s 6.9%.

So if you need any help while moving from Miami to California we’re at your disposal. You can call us any time you want or simply contact us through our website. If you want to DIY the move, take a look at our blog section there are a lot of useful tips and tricks that you can find. On the other hand, if you prefer to lay back and relax while the pros do all the work for you here we are. Yet another good thing about moving with professional movers is that you can do extra work instead of packing and moving; so you can earn extra cash and pay out that move this way, think about it.

The city of Sacramento as one of the best places in California to move to from Miami;
Sacramento is one of the best places in California to move to from Miami.

If you’re aiming for big cities let’s take a look at Los Angeles and San Francisco

Understandably, people from a city like Miami would like to move to L.A. or S.F. You’ve already adjusted to hot beach bodies, traffic jams, and high expenses, so these two places fit all of these descriptions. The city of Los Angeles is home to many movie stars and famous companies is a great place for your professionals. It’s home to 3,849,297 people and it has an unemployment rate of just 4.5%; compared to last year’s 8.25%. Now young people can pursue their dream careers in some of the biggest companies in the world here. Did you ever dream that you might work for some of these companies:

  • Google, Apple, Snapchat…
  • Hulu, Netflix…
  • Insomniac Games, Riot Games, Activision- Blizzard…
  • MGM, Legendary Pictures, Universal Pictures, Disney…
  • Warner music group…
  • CBRE Group…

These are just some of the biggest companies in the world that have HQ here in L.A.  So if you want a career in any field, you’ll find it here. Unlike in Sacrament real estate prices have increased by 14% compared to last year. So the average price for a one-bedroom apartment is $2,395/month. The median house price is $938,492; now the median house income is $65,290 which isn’t as bigger as the one in Sacramento. While the average monthly expenses are $8,519 which is less expensive than in San Francisco. If you think that moving is quite difficult, trust us because there are tons of ways to make Florida to California relocation simple.

Los Angeles downtown;
L.A. is the world center of culture and diversity.

Places in California to move to from Miami – San Francisco

Yet it’s similar to Los Angles in many ways but it’s drastically different. First of all, San Francisco has a much lower population of just 815,201, which is almost 5 times lower. Secondly, it’s similar to Miami in terms of diversity. That’s why a lot of interstate moving companies in Florida are relocating a lot of people into these two cities.  The population of Hispanics and Latinos make up about 15% in San Francisco and 40% in L.A.  While whites are equal at about 44% in both cities, another ethnicity that’s pretty large in San Francisco is Asians and they make up about 35%. The average rent in San Francisco is $2,999 which is even higher than that of Los Angeles. While just like in L.A., there are plenty of job opposites in some of the most recognizable companies from around the world.

Be careful when moving artwork from Florida to California, the best bet is to contact professional movers, or to try and DIY the whole thing. Just be careful when packing and there are also certain items that movers can’t move. Some of them are household chemicals, fireworks, firearms, food, paint thinner, gasoline, batteries, nail polishers, etc. Anything that can be deadly, flammable, or risky for transport will most likely be rejected. This is just in case of something goes wrong since many of these aforementioned materials can self-ignite due to high temperature, exposure to sunlight, thumbing during the move, etc.

Golden Gate Bridge;
San Francisco and the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge as one of its main attractions.

So what are the best places in California to move to from Miami?

The most similar city to Miami would be L.A., the second place belongs to San Francisco, and the third to Sacramento. However, since the costs of living are pretty high in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Sacramento might be a perfect choice. These are just our top places in California to move to from Miami, but not the only ones! Thank you for reading and we hope that you found this article useful. Have a nice time in California and a stress-free move.