Things Floridians love about San Francisco

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Let’s just face it, you will at least once in your life have to move to another state, city, or even country. Various reasons could lead to your relocation, better job opportunity, or looking for a home in a more quiet neighborhood to settle with your family. There are several things Floridians love about San Francisco, which is what we are also going to present to you in this article. You certainly want to check out some Florida movers that will help you with your relocation to this amazing city. They will handle your belongings and ease your journey to one of the top 10 most beautiful cities in the world.

Top 3 things Floridians love about San Francisco

As already mentioned, San Francisco was named one of the top 10 most beautiful cities in the world in 2019. You will find many pros regarding this city, where you will always have something to do. Also, if you are a nature lover and are more into an outdoor lifestyle, this city is just the perfect place for you. Many people are moving from Miami to San Francisco since it will offer a better quality of life, and it has something for everyone. Whether you enjoy museums, food, or street murals and art, you will find it.

The Golden Gate Bridge.
Enjoy the walks over the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Here are the 3 top things Floridians love about San Francisco:

  • San Francisco Bay and its islands are among the things Floridians love about San Francisco the most
  • Efficient public transportation
  • The Golden Gate Bridge

Floridians just love the San Francisco Bay, with its rolling hills and unusual waterfront towns. The coast of the bay is just breathtaking, where you can visit two of its largest and most famous islands, Alcatraz and Angel Island. The second one is a perfect getaway from the chaos of this big city, where you can also take a hike to the peak of Mount Livermore and enjoy the view.

Public transportation is considered one of the best in the country. It will help you to reach your destination on time, especially during rush hours. Many people who are relocating to San Francisco are usually moving without a car.

The Golden Gate Bridge has an important part of San Francisco’s history. It is bridged as the gap between San Francisco and the rest of Northern California. The views from and around the bridge are amazing, and you will find a small museum on the southern side.

More reasons why Floridians love San Francisco

It is easy to say that due to the mild climate, you will spend more days outdoors where you will have the chance to explore the scenery. There are over 875 000 residents and you will hear over 112 languages. This also brings us to other reasons people are constantly moving to this city.

Street mural in San Francisco.
Street art is encouraged in many districts throughout the city and is one of the major things Floridians love about San Francisco.


The most interesting fact is that SF is considered one of the top 15 most diverse cities in America. You will meet interesting people from different cultures and learn about the traditions in this city. People are more open-minded and you can try to discover yourself.

Are there enough job opportunities in SF?

Several reasons are going to be in your favor when choosing San Francisco as your new home. One of the biggest reasons why you will pick this city is the job opportunities in the tech sector. Over 20% of all jobs in the city include these jobs. You can decide between Facebook, Google, Netflix, Apple, or Tesla.

Never going hungry is what Floridians love about San Francisco

You will never go hungry in San Francisco. The choice is up to you, whether you favor a fancy restaurant or just looking to grab a bite on the go. San Francisco is one of 5 cities to house Michelin-Starred restaurants.

Enjoy the Golden Gate Park

Not many people know that this park is actually bigger than New York City’s Central Park. The list of activities you can do here has no end, especially if you hang out with your friends and family. You can also spot a Bison at this park, which is truly awesome.

Free Attractions

There are numerous free things that you do every day. Many small museums offer free admissions such as Maritime Museum, Wells Fargo museum, and Cable Car Museum. You can also take one of the Public Library’s daily walking tours and know the city.

Choosing the right movers

This is never an easy job because you have to take care of so many things for your move. Choosing interstate moving companies Florida currently offers can be tough. That is why you should focus on the following things that are going to help you find the right movers.

Man driving a van.
Choosing the right mover will make your life easier.

Since you will not have that much free time, you should focus on checking several moving companies. Make sure to look up at least 5 movers, since this will give you a perfect example and overview of their services and prices. Get in touch with each company to discuss the best packing services Florida offers and also, try to get an estimate of your relocation. In case a company offers you this service over the phone, just skip them.

You also want to make sure and check if your potential moving company has a valid license. On top of that, check out their offices at the address that you researched, just to be sure that they really exist. Reliable movers will have nothing to hide, and they will for sure come to your address and make an estimate right away. Many relocation companies offer a professional packing service, which is going to ease up things for you. In case your budget allows you, make sure to check this option. You will have more free time to focus on other things that are important to your move.

There are many more things Floridians love about San Francisco

The things Floridians love about San Francisco the most are that they can enjoy nature and many outdoor activities. On top of that, you will have a great career opportunity and meet new people from different cultures. And so many more things await for you if you decide to take on this adventure!