Where do people usually move when leaving Delray Beach

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Delray Beach is one of the best places in South Florida for living. However, its popularity in recent years means it is getting overcrowded. So, it is no surprise people are choosing to leave Delray Beach and look for a new home elsewhere. When it comes to where people usually move when leaving Delray Beach, the answer is complex. Native Floridians may not wish to leave Florida, so they choose another city nearby. However, other people with no sentimental connection to Florida may choose to move to an entirely new state. After years of working in Delray Beach, and Florida in general, we at NationwideMovers Florida have made a few observations on where people most usually move when they leave Delray Beach.

So, where do people usually move when leaving Delray Beach?

As we have mentioned, some people prefer to move to another city within the same state, while others prefer to leave Florida behind. There are both pros and cons for both of these choices, so let’s take a look at some popular relocation spots for people leaving Delray Beach.

Delray Beach at sunset
Many people are moving from Delray Beach annually

Native Floridians may prefer a different city nearby

As we have said, people who are born and raised in Florida may feel anxious about leaving the familiar scenery behind. After all, nothing can replace the amazing beaches and beautiful weather of South Florida. However, Delray Beach is getting more and more crowded recently. And, not everyone enjoys the crowds of both residents and tourists. Locals complain of traffic jams and overcrowding in recent years, and some are choosing to leave that behind. But, where do they go?

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a popular city for people who are leaving Delray Beach. It is a quiet suburban place, but it is still close enough to the more urban areas for when you feel like visiting them. Palm Beach is a small suburb of South Florida and it has a population of around 9,000 people. What is more, the area is safe and has a growing job market. Even though it is a popular retirement place, more and more young people are seeking to escape the rush of bigger places and are choosing smaller communities. Also, the cost of living is lower compared to other South Florida cities. So, it is no wonder moving companies Delray Beach are busy moving Delray Beach residents to this beautiful suburb.


Miami is one of the biggest and most popular places in all of Florida. Compared to Palm Beach, it is a big urban area and has a lot to offer to its residents. What is more, it does not feel overcrowded like Delray Beach, despite having a much larger population. However, the cost of living is slightly higher than in more suburban areas, but it is only natural because it has so many amenities to offer to residents. What is more, the median rent is actually lower than in Palm Beach, and the job market is on the rise. So, it is no wonder many young professionals and people with families are settling in Miami.

Miami is a popular place where people usually move when leaving Delray Beach
People moving from Delray Beach often move to Miami

Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach is perfect for anyone who loves to feel like part of the community. You will definitely receive the warmest of welcomes here and you will soon feel right at home. Also, the area offers plenty of amenities and outdoor activities to residents, so it is quite popular among young people and families alike. With a median rent similar to Miami, but a much smaller population, Pompano Beach is a great mix of both urban and suburban ways of life. It has something for everyone, and it is definitely worth considering.

Other people are moving from Delray Beach across the country in search of a better life

Even though Florida has many amazing places, as we have seen, some people choose to leave it behind and start a new life in a new state. They could be looking for a new challenge, or they could simply be looking for a change of scenery. No matter why people move, it is a fact that the best cross country movers Florida frequently help Floridians relocate to new states.


You may be surprised to see Colorado on this list, but it is actually a popular relocation place for people leaving Florida and Delray Beach. Even though the two states are very far away, many people make the trip annually. There are many reasons why people choose Colorado. For example, it boasts excellent schools, amazing health care, and beautiful scenery. Other reasons might be a growing economy and an ever-expanding job market, especially in the urban areas of Colorado. Both Denver and Colorado Springs offer plenty of amenities to their residents.


Texas might be even more popular among Floridians than Colorado. It is actually where people usually move when leaving Delray Beach. Similar to Florida, Texas also has no income tax, which means you can keep more of what you earn. Also, Texas is much larger than Florida, and many people prefer living in the Lone Star state. What is more, the average cost of living is lower in Texas, but this may vary from town to town. Still, the best long distance movers Florida are quite busy planning and executing many relocations from Florida to Texas annually, especially to Houston.

Man holding Houston sign
Houston is a popular city in Texas where people usually move when leaving Delray Beach

As we have seen, people moving from Delray Beach certainly have no lack of choices when it comes to relocation. Some people prefer to move locally, while others are looking to change their lives completely. No matter where you choose to move, remember to do extensive research on the place which you choose. Get informed as much as you can prior to moving to avoid any unpleasant surprises that might otherwise come after your relocation. However, we have listed just a few places where people usually move when leaving Delray Beach. Feel free to do more research as you will surely find more amazing cities and towns all over America.